Call Routing Rescue for Business

Call routing for your business is critical to retaining happy customers and doing it the right way increases your satisfaction ratings. What could possibly be worse than getting stuck in Answering Machine Hell when you’re trying to call a business to secure a service or purchase a product? Well, the truth is, a fast busy tone or endless ringing without an answer is much worse.

Customers rightfully expect an answer when they call a business. For most people, being redirected to voicemail on a personal call is an acceptable outcome, but for a business – voicemail just won’t do. If you’re not ready to provide customers with service when they need it, they’ll move on to the next company without hesitation.

Call routing cartoonDon’t lose your customers!

When people call your shop or office, they’re prepared to do business at that moment. That is precisely the time to show them that you’re prepared to make that connection.

People are so used to getting an answer of some sort that even a repeat customer might just decide to go with an alternate provider.  No answer or generic message on your business line means they really aren’t that important to you. Instead, try offering a call routing tree to help address common questions immediately in a per-recorded message. If your business offers multiple services, callers can choose the option they need now and be directed accordingly.

Use the power of information by reviewing your call reporting tools to make better decisions. Gain instant access to details about who is calling, how long they waited for an answer, why they called and how you can better serve them. This also lets you know if you have a potential training issue or staff shortage that may be causing a problem in service.

Call Routing Review

Improve your service with effective call routing using a modern telephone response service offered by a Hosted PBX system. Better service begins with voice prompts, spoken clearly by someone with a pleasant tone. When your customer calls, the system answers and offers them choices so they can get to the service they want fast and efficiently.

Maybe you offer service in different languages, so it might say “For service in English, Polish or Spanish, press 1, 2, or 3”. Imagine how happy your Polish or Spanish customers are going to be if you speak their language? You’ll have a customer for life!

Create better efficiency and more timely responses by routing calls to the right place the first time. If your caller needs to reach the Customer Service, Sales, or the Repair department, it is easily done with just a simple administrative change on the system. Callers can also adopt a self-help routine by being directed to the information they want at that moment such as your location or your hours of operation. This helps get them what they need quickly while creating efficiency for you.

Added Value in Hold Messaging

When someone calls your business telephone system and invariably selects an option that routes them into a queue to wait, do not miss this golden opportunity. You have the option of playing your preferred music for them interspersed with periodic messages about other sales and services you can offer. Your hold messages can even direct them to your website where they might find self-service options to answer common questions.

Having professionally record hold messaging further adds to your pledge toward clarity and a polished image.  Services like MarySaysItAllTM are a great fit for this as they make it easy and offer affordable services for every business.

The Takeaway

Elevate your customer’s experience with a professionally delivered, easy-to-understand, business telephone system that steers callers efficiently to the place where they need to be. The faster you address their concerns, the better it is for your business. The happier you can keep them while they are waiting, the more likely it is that you’ll have additional business in the future.

We make that entire process easy, efficient, affordable, and provide the best service experience possible from start to finish. This is what a modern business needs.


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