SMS Campaign Registry – Consumer Protection or Money Grab?

SMS Campaign Registry Through The Lens of SMS Marketing Statistics

SMS remains one of the most effective tools for marketing and information dissemination. However, with mobile penetration continuing to grow, users are increasingly exposed to spam SMS campaigns and the abuse of this powerful medium. The recent SMS regulation “initiative” by the major US mobile operators, the (SMS) Campaign Registry, intends to change this. As … Read more

SMS a Vital Tool for Customer Service

Short message services (SMS), or business text messaging, is one of the best ways to communicate with customers and employees that provides personal, instantaneous access. Your customers are using mobile devices for business and personal communication in an increasingly virtual work environment, one where purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by SMS communication. Likewise, simple text … Read more

Is There Value in SMS Text Messaging From a Desk Phone?

There is one area of popular communication desktop telephony devices have not adopted whose future is uncertain, and that’s the potential for SMS text messaging on a desktop phone.

Is this something we’re going to see or use in the future?

Here’s an even better question- is this something we would even want to see in the future?

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