Policies of DLS Internet Services

Static routing is used when part of an internetwork can only be reached via one path. Because they have a lower administrative distance, static routes are preferred by a router over dynamically determined routes (i.e., BGP routes). Our only real requirement for static routing is that you own (or have permission from the owner) the IP addresses you would like us to establish static routes for and that you do not request static routes for any of the private addresses specified in RFC 1918.

You can request to establish a static route by filling out the static route request form. Upon receiving the request, the DLS Internet Support Team will configure the static routes on your access router within 24 hours. The DLS Internet Support Team will then e-mail you with a confirmation that the static routes were added. Please use the Comments section of the static route request form if you need to contact or send questions to the DLS Internet Support Team.