Fixed Wireless Broadband

For enterprises, fixed wireless broadband solutions ensure a reliable and inexpensive Internet service. A business must have a dependable backup in the form of a fixed wireless internet connection because even a few minutes of downtime might have disastrous effects. The wireless broadband services offered by DLS Internet Services are ideal for a variety of needs. To learn more about our fixed wireless plans for your company, get in touch with us.

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High-Speed Internet Service built to provide reliable service that keeps your business running.


Whether your business resides in a rural area or inner city - the service is predictably available and can be deployed quickly.


Fixed wireless broadband connections are optimized for low latency transmission and speeds that aren't affected by poor weather conditions.


Even the best wired connection fail sometimes. Get a reliable and affordable backup Internet access or separate your voice and data traffic.

Choose the perfect plan

DLS Wireless Broadband is a nationwide connectivity solution that provides a data-only LTE wireless connection for use at fixed locations using LTE enabled routers. Wireless Broadband plans offer tiered speeds, of up to 8 Mbps, 12 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and 100Mbps with no overage charges

8 Mbps

$ 135
  • 10GB Priority Traffic
  • 50GB of Data Usage
  •      Activation: $35.00

12 Mbps

$ 195
  • 10GB Priority Traffic
  • 75GB of Data Usage
  •      Activation: $35.00​

50 Mbps

$ 235
  • 30GB Priority Traffic
  • 125GB of Data Usage
  •      Activation: $35.00​

100 Mbps

$ 395
  • 50GB Priority Traffic
  • 175GB of Data Usage
  •      Activation: $35.00​


When your primary Internet connection goes down, your business does not have to stop. A cold standby wireless Internet can be pre-configured and does not cost as much as an always-on backup service until it is activated. DLS will pre-configure your LTE modem and SIM card for rapid activation, install and test it on-premises. When your primary connection becomes unavailable, you can quickly activate your backup by sending an activation code to the DLS Network Operations Center.


$ 50
Monthly Until Activated
  • 24/7 On-Demand Activation
  • Pre-installed SIM
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Frequently asked questions

For use with 4G LTE plans DLS provides NETGEAR LB1120 4G LTE Broadband Modem

For use with 5G LTE plans DLS recommends using CBA850 Cradlepoint Cellular Broadband Adapter with Integrated LTE Advanced (Cat 6) Modem for All North American Carriers

Yes, static IP addresses are available for an additional $10 monthly fee.


Wireless Broadband does not allow access to entertainment and other non-business websites that offer video or audio streaming entertainment services, and is not intended for web hosting, or public or guest Wi-Fi.

With the Cold-Standby service, your wireless Internet connection is inactive until you need it. During this time, you are paying a low cold-standby fee. Once you activate the service, you will be paying for one month of the service you choose to start. When you no longer need a wireless backup, you can deactivate the wireless connection and go back to paying a cold-standby rate beginning with the next billing period.

Yes, you may relocate the modem at any time however there is no guarantee that the same exact service speeds will be available at a different location.

  • After a data usage threshold on a line has been met in a given month, DLS may slow the data on that line during periods of network congestion for the remainder of that billing cycle. The thresholds are 175 GB for the 100Mbps plan, 125 GB for the 50Mbps plan, 75 GB for the 12Mbps plan and 50 GB for the 8Mbps plan.
  • Data throughput speed requires a wireless router with a Category 18 or higher modem and use where enhanced AT&T 4G LTE-Advanced service or 5G/5G+ service are available.
  • 50Mbps and higher AT&T Wireless Broadband – Business plans for 5G/5G+ devices include access to AT&T 5G millimeter wave (5G+) service. Requires 5G+ capable device. 5G+ service is not available in most areas; it is available only in very limited parts of specific cities.

DLS Wireless Broadband lines are intended to be used for End User Customer’s official business use only. DLS Wireless Broadband routers on the cellular data network should be used for business critical applications and business critical data. While access to entertainment and other non-business websites that offer video or audio streaming entertainment services, web hosting and public or guest Wi-Fi are not recommended, DLS does not block all of these services. If you exceed the data usage threshold listed under service plan, DLS may provide excessive usage notification after any billing period; You will have the following billing period to take action upon receipt of the notification by either upgrading your service plan or reducing your usage. Failure to take action will result in the line being disconnected

DLS’s Fixed Wireless Broadband Connectivity is Provided in Partnership with AT&T