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DLS Business Broadband


DLS’ Business Broadband service is a hybrid fiber-copper service based on a very-high-speed digital subscriber loop (VDSL and VDSL2) technologies. This high-speed, low-cost business Internet connectivity over plain unconditioned copper pairs makes service affordable. DLS Business Broadband Internet access comes with limited 40ms network latency guarantee and 99.9% data delivery (0.1% packet loss) monthly average commitment.

  • Flexible asymmetrical speed options up to 45 Mbps
  • Includes static IPv4 addresses
  • Wi-Fi enabled modems and routers
  • Reasonably Low Cost
  • Usually installed in less than 10 days

DLS Business Broadband Pricing

Speed (Download / Upload) 1 year term 3 year term
3M / 1M $265.00 /mo $120.00 /mo
6M / 1M $270.00 /mo $135.00 /mo
12M / 1.5M $280.00 /mo $145.00 /mo
18M / 1.5M $315.00 /mo $180.00 /mo
24M / 3M $355.00 /mo $219.00 /mo
45M / 6M $430.00 /mo $295.00 /mo
Setup Fee: $45.00 $45.00

IP Addresses

IPv4 subnet (/29) – 8 addresses included
IPv4 subnet (/28) – 16 addresses $35.00
IPv4 subnet (/27) – 32 addresses $50.00

Up to 32 IP addresses can be requested for an additional charge at the time of placing a new order for DLS Business Broadband. If you request more than 32 IP addresses, you must provide a list of host names to be assigned to these addresses. If you have fewer than six host names or do not complete the ARIN IP justification request, you will receive 8 IP addresses.