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Best Business PBX

Every VoIP Service Provider Claims to Offer Best Business PBX

What Supports Our Claim?

DLS Hosted PBX offers a range of continually evolving Unified Communications features. Since 2004 we have successfully provided Hosted PBX solution that offers exceptional reliability, call clarity and price performance. Non only can our business phone system reduce your communications cost, it can offer many new productivity options. Bridging telecommuters’ homes and distant offices to function in the same Unified Communications environment as your company’s headquarters, making your business flexible. Financial, legal, travel, real estate, government, and educational organizations can take advantage of the VoIP features that are uniquely matching their business requirements.

DLS Hosted PBX Provides Features Relevant to Your Business

Our solution addresses your business communications needs. DLS Hosted PBX is a capable phone system delivering the most features VoIP technology has to offer. A broad range of supported SIP terminals from Astra, Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream and others offer smartphone-like experience. Among many others DLS Hosted PBX supports VoIP features such as geographic independence , web/email access to voicemail, fully personalized ACD queues, call recording, unlimited auto-attendants. Your cloud-based unified communications is supported by a team of VoIP experts. Each Hosted PBX phone system can support multiple business instances.