White label VoIP Solutions for Business Phone Service Providers

White Label VoIP

Business VOIP Service Providers

As a provider of the white label VoIP services for VARs and ISVs, we review many competing services that deliver a-la-carte VoIP solutions.

DLS Virtual PBX combines many VoIP features and solid performance into a single all-in-one multi-tenant business phone system.

Virtual PBX

Complete Small Business Solution

From $15 00 / Seat


Ideal for 1-10 users

Hosted PBX

Comprehensive Multi-Tenant
Unified Communications Platform

From $5 00 / Seat


Scales with your business

White Label Hosted PBX

We know that each business requires a customizable communications. Our white label Business VoIP service delivers an essential set of highly customizable communications tools.

Small Business Hosted VoIP

Imagine being a VoIP Service Provider that offers all these features to their clients?

That is only a small part of our business phone services. We have designed our Hosted PBX service to clearly stand out when compared to plans offered by other Business VoIP service providers.

Did we mention that your clients could save up to 30% on their communications with your VoIP service?

Most of these savings come from not being asked to pay for each VoIP feature as an option.

Business VoIP Provider FAQ

A business VoIP phone services is a telephony service that involves group(s) of telephones networked together for the use by a business for communication within the organization and outside. It is full of features that streamline business operations like conference calling, call metering, call routing, call handling and call transfers to cellular phones, among many more.

The term “White Label” typically refers to the idea that any entity can place their brand on the product in question. A White Label VoIP offers your business the opportunity to offer all the services of a VoIP business phone service provider to your customers under your brand name.

A business phone service can cost anywhere between $15 to $30 per month for each user in a business. The cost can drastically vary based on the features used by the business and the number of users.

To use business VoIP service, you do need to retain the services of a reliable VoIP business provider. A VoIP service provider handles the aspects of setting up the IP phones, configuring VoIP service and PBX features to optimize them for the business operations. 

Yes. You can replace your standard phone line with the VoIP service entirely. In fact, it is a common trend among businesses to upgrade to a cloud-based hosted VoIP service in place of traditional PBX services to boost the efficiency and productivity of their business operations.

Hosted pbx for small business
Are you interested in delivering white labeled cloud PBX solution to your clients?