Developers Corner

Developer Section for System Integrators

Welcome to the Developer Section of DLS Hosted PBX. This resource is designed specifically for system integrators who are looking to seamlessly integrate DLS Hosted PBX services with their existing software environments. Below, you will find detailed information and links to our two primary APIs: the Admin API and the User API. Each API is designed to cater to different aspects of the DLS Hosted PBX functionalities, ensuring that you can optimize and customize the services according to your needs.

Admin API

The Admin API is tailored for system administrators who need comprehensive control over the PBX settings. This API provides a wide range of administrative functionalities to manage and configure the PBX system effectively. It allows you to automate tasks such as user management, call routing rules, billing settings, and much more.

Key Features:

    • Access to query campaign opt-in lists and tenant opt-out lists related to the Campaign Registry
    • Manage the predictive dialer campaigns, scripts, contact lists and contacts
    • Access to Call Detail Records  (CDR) data
    • Access to real-time statistics for calls, users, queues, faxes, conferences, device provisioning, and predictive dialer within the system
    • Access to send SMS to specified phone number(s) or extension(s), or to query SMS from the SMS record table.

Admin API Documentation and Access:

  • Admin API Documentation – Detailed documentation, including endpoint descriptions, payload examples, and best practices.
  • Access Admin API – Start integrating by requesting access and generating your API keys.

User API

The User API is designed to enhance user interaction with the DLS Hosted PBX system. This API makes it easy for end-users to manage their settings without administrative intervention. Ideal for applications focused on enhancing user experience and personalization, the User API allows integration into user portals, mobile apps, and desktop applications.

The Hosted PBX User API allows you to easily manage and manipulate resources commonly found on the Hosted PBX web interface. Examples include making calls, sending SMS and MMS, retrieving call records and recordings, managing contacts, etc. The sidebar on the left will show all the specific actions that can be taken, as well as resources that can be accessed and manipulated through this API. If you cannot find what you are looking for, use the search bar in the upper left corner of this page. Otherwise, this API may not yet support access to this specific resource.

  • Key User-Level Features:
    • Call control, access to call data, call recording, and notes
    • Contact management
    • Voicemail management
    • User provisioning
    • Contact management
    • User Extension Provisioning
    • SMS/MMS control
    • Fax Sending and Retrieval

User API Documentation and Access:

  • User API Documentation – Find all the necessary information to integrate user functions into your software.
  • Access User API credentials and API keys by logging into your DLS Hosted PBX.

Getting Started with Integration

To begin integrating DLS Hosted PBX with your software, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the API that best suits your application’s needs. Review the documentation thoroughly to understand the capabilities and limitations.
  2. Request API Access from your DLS Hosted PBX administrator. You will need a PBX account with Administrative access to proceed.
  3. Set up your development environment according to the guidelines in the API documentation.
  4. Begin coding with the help of our guides and examples.

For additional support or if you have any questions during your integration process, please do not hesitate to contact our developer support team at We are here to help ensure a smooth and successful integration of your software with DLS Hosted PBX.

Feedback and Contributions

We continually strive to improve our APIs and appreciate feedback from our developer community. If you have suggestions or contributions, please reach out to us. Your input is invaluable in helping us enhance our services and support for all users.

  • Thank you for choosing DLS Hosted PBX. We look forward to seeing the innovative solutions you create with our APIs!