techs-2015-1DLS’s commitment to provide highest quality of technical support to its customers:


  • We will train our staff to be competent and intelligent support engineers and technicians
  • We will support you in a manner that affords the necessary time to identify the problem and provide a permanent solution or workaround
  • We will work closely with the DLS software development team and facilitate all bug reports and feature requests so that they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently
  • We will accept responsibility and won’t make excuses
  • We will train our support team to always remember that they represent the company and that each customer communication as a measure of our commitment to our customers

Hosted PBX Manual and Reference Guide

DLS Hosted PBX users and administrators can log in to their hosted PBX management interface to access a complete product manual with detailed guides to Hosted PBX System configuration. This guide contains answers to most questions.

DLS Hosted PBX Service Requirements

Network Hardware
Network Hardware PDF
Network Performance
Network Performance PDF
Service Specifications
Service Specifications PDF