DLS Hosted PBX Release Notes

These Release Notes are updated with each release of the DLS Hosted PBX – a hosted VoIP software platform provided by the DLS Internet Services.

DLS Hosted PBX version 5.3 – Released September 11th, 2017

Training Video:

Feature Enhancements:

  • Call Parking
    • Call routing steps can now be set as a timeout destination for parking lots.
  • Call Routing
    • Call routing option usage and locations can now be tracked using a new call routing step action ‘Track Step’.
  • Conferencing
    • Added new configuration setting that changes how video-capable conference bridge participants are presented video throughout the conference. Administrators can now, in addition to the existing method of following the current talker, configure conferences to display the latest administrator that has joined the conference, the earliest administrator that has joined the conference, or to not utilize video.
    • Meeting Room functionality has been introduced. Meeting Room allows conference bridge participation through a web portal, it includes features such as: agenda, document sharing, screen sharing, whiteboard, and more.
    • Conference sessions can now be scheduled through Meeting Rooms.
    • Scheduled conference session invites can now be sent to PBX users as well as guests via email.
  • Handsets
    • Added support for the Opus and Speex codecs.
  • Queues
    • Queue agents can now pause and resume themselves in queues using feature codes. Additionally, the dialed feature code can indicate a pause reason.
  • Reporting
    • Improved call quality report IP address filter which can now restrict by a range of IP addresses.
    • New queue report aggregation which displays a breakdown of agent pause time by pause reason.
    • New call routing report page which provides the ability to generate reports of callers that have reached tracked call routing steps.
    • New SMS report page that provides the ability to generate report of SMS sent and received through the PBX’s DIDs as well as by its users.
  • SMS
    • Can now send and receive SMS text messages through a variety of methods, such as: The API, call routing, email, handsets, and web interface.
  • White Labeling
    • Reduced non-white labeled content in the footer of white labeled PBXs.

DLS Hosted PBX version 5.2 – Released May 3rd, 2017

Feature Enhancements:

Browser Softphone

  • Browser softphone can now have its own E911 profile specified at the primary extension
  • Add call forward capability to the browser softphone
  • Add busy tone to the browser softphone
  • Briefly keep terminated calls displayed with the termination reason, if available, in the browser softphone


  • Conference bridge recording retention is now customizable
  • Add the ability to schedule conferences through email


  • Improve SalesForce opportunities integration


  • Provisioning support for Cisco 7841, and 8945
  • Provisioning support for Grandstream GXP1610, GXP1615, GXP1620, GXP1625, GXP1628, GXP1630, GAC2500, and GXV3275
  • Provisioning support for Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800, video not yet supported
  • Provisioning support for Obihai OBi202
  • Allow changes made by the web interface of a Polycom handset to remain persistent between reboots
  • Certain handsets can now provision without using the /configs/ suffix path
  • Add web-based Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) for certain Polycom and Yealink handsets


  • Video and HD audio support for on-net calls
  • Add Blynclight USB support to the DLS Click to Dial tool
  • Allow scheduling PBX settings snapshots


  • Add a PBX phone number quick select menu to the call and fax report forms
  • Add a field to restrict queue call reports by phone number
  • Consolidate the agent calls report types into the queue calls report
  • Allow changing filters after a report has been run without navigating back to the main form
  • Allow exporting and scheduling change log and login log reports
  • Call Quality, CDR, CEL, and Queue record retention can now be customized for up to 5 years
  • Add a new custom report type that allows choosing columns and advanced filter combinations
  • Add a reporting API


  • Permit remote callers to log in as preemptive queue agents

Web Interface

  • Improve interface save speed and configuration generation speed
  • Allow using a microphone to create recordings from your browser at Apps->User Recordings and System->Recordings
  • Allow users to enable time-based one-time password (TOTP) two factor authentication for enhanced account security
  • Add additional sorting capability to various tables across the PBX’s interface
  • Add persistent column sorting and filtering settings for status page tables
  • Move call recording permission settings to System->Permissions
  • Add the ability to bulk apply recording enable state settings at Users->Call Recordings
  • Allow configuring multiple voicemail email addresses for a single user
  • Several feature codes can now be set to blank to disable them
  • Added option in system->basic to allow/disallow email authentication in voicemail links


  • Allow customization of the PBX’s header logo.
  • Allow customization of the Companion Panel’s logo.
  • The PBX domain can now be whitelabeled using a custom SSL certificate
  • Added support for whitelabeled fax domain names
  • The social links below the navigation menu can now be whitelabeled
  • Voicemail email company name and from address can now be whitelabeled

DLS Hosted PBX version 5.1.4 – Released November 24th, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Re-enable sidecar support for Soundpoint 601 handsets.
  • Fix failure to transfer or park an answered queue call in the companion panels.
  • Fix a stall in the operator panel server that can occur if no users have voicemail enabled.

DLS Hosted PBX version 5.1.3 – Released November 13th, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Remove support for custom jitter buffers on legacy Polycom handsets.
  • Correct minimum buffer size when using the Polycom adaptive audio jitter buffer.

DLS Hosted PBX version 5.1.2 – Released November 3rd, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Correct the link for Apps->Panels when using the tree-style menu.
  • Fix audio files download for TranscriptionHub.
  • Fix end date calculation for DST.

DLS Hosted PBX version 5.1.1 – Released October 23rd, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Reverting a queue to no agent announcement was not taking effect.

DLS Hosted PBX version 5.1 – Released July 13th, 2015

Training Video:

Feature Enhancements:


  • Maximum wait time added to queue activity summary report
  • Queue reports filter selections include ‘all agents’ and ‘all queues’
  • Fax reports can be filtered by user, group, direction, and outcome
  • Change log and login log filters
  • Conference reports now contain links to associated recordings
  • New summary call report by phone number
  • New call quality report
  • Expanded list of database tables for customer read access
  • Display group and extension names in call status


  • Replace FOP2 with in-house HTML5 Companion Panel
  • Call barging capability
  • Granular permissions
  • Voicemail indicators
  • Integrated softphone
  1. Call Handling and Routing
  • Call quality monitoring with alerts
  • Routing triggers based on call quality
  • Outbound blind transfer
  • Blind transfer feature code customization
  • Jitter buffer management on handsets and PBX
  • Comment option in the routing tree

Web Interface

  • Integrated simple chat client
  • Browser based softphone
  • Billing management interface
  • Handset reboot via web interface

BLF (Busy Lamp Feature)

  • BLF support for Do Not Disturb
  • BLF monitoring of conferences
  • BLF monitoring of queues
  • BLF monitoring of parking lots
  • Display user BLF on status page
  • Speed-dial button appearance on Polycom UC

Salesforce.com CRM integration

  • Screen pop on incoming and outgoing calls with notes
  • Contact import/export
  • Call log synchronization
  • Caller name query to CRM on inbound calls
  • Insert call recording URLs into Salesforce interface

LDAP support

  • Custom import filters
  • Import merge management


  • Bria 4 provisioning support
  • Yealink SIP-T48G provisioning support

SIP Peering module

  • Route to or from other SIP devices/networks
  • First or last digit stripping inbound or outbound

DLS Hosted PBX version 5.0 – Released June 3rd, 2014

Feature Enhancements:


  • Pre-emptive agent mode provides immediate connection to an available agent
  • Play an optional message on intervals or between music on hold recordings
  • Report the caller’s hold time to agent configured per queue
  • Queue call volume report
  • Queue service level report
  • Queue performance detail report
  • Agent performance detail report


  • Transmission history and archive
  • 33 new file type conversions including docx, xlsx, pptx and open office formats
  • T.38 support for email to fax and ATA devices
  • Fax detection in routing tree or per extension
  • Legal and Letter paper size support
  • Improved transmission reliability and error reporting
  • Success notification emails
  • Outbound CallerID configuration
  • CC multiple fax numbers for email to fax
  • Inbound delivery to multiple email addresses
  • Custom HTML header and footer for fax confirmations
  • Improved reporting


  • Video conferencing for internal users
  • Improved user experience and performance
  • Additional settings for conference bridges
  • Enter a specific conference bridge via routing tree
  • Conference monitoring via FOP2
  • Conference sessions report


  • Mark message as read when accessed via web
  • Folder management via web interface
  • Auto-archive and auto-delete timers
  • Upload and manage greetings via web interface
  • Synchronize email subject and file attachment numbering
  • Override or skip default caller instructions
  • Enter main menu through routing tree
  • Adjustable recording times
  • Display messages as new or old on status page


  • Create and share report templates
  • Schedule reports to be delivered automatically
  • Adjustable default time span for each report type
  • Quick time span selection on reports
  • Call type / time zone indicator and caller-name popup on call detail reports
  • Enhanced filtering for call reports
  • Group call report
  • Call volume graph report


  • Provisioning support for Bria 3
  • Provisioning support for Polycom VVX sidecar
  • Provisioning support for Cisco 7945
  • Visual voicemail on supported handsets to view message details, move between folders, and play specific message
  • Status page to assist in provisioning handsets
  • Encryption of handset configuration files
  • FOP2 phonebook enabled
  • Custom ordering of BLF keys

Call Routing

  • Office hours have an optional year field
  • Block incoming Caller-ID per extension
  • Call Screening per extension
  • Blacklist groups for inbound or outbound calling
  • Follow-me can ring multiple destinations simultaneously
  • Follow-me supports multiple time periods
  • Follow-me feature code and XML toggle
  • Call Camping per extension and via transfer puts the caller into a private queue until the target extension is available


  • Modify BLF contacts without logging in as a specific user
  • International time zone support
  • Simplified emergency call routing configuration
  • Performance improvements when making various changes


  • Sync PBX users to corporate LDAP
  • Provision PBX users from LDAP
  • Use LDAP for contact directory management


  • Isolated user routing and extension numbering per tenant
  • System settings per tenant
  • Feature codes per tenant
  • Handset logos per tenant


  • Add descriptions to snapshots
  • Backup and restore MoH and system recordings
  • Exclude CDR and queue call records from snapshots

Predictive Dialer

  • Failure levels automatically adjust calling rate
  • Restrict calls by called time zone
  • Dispositions and campaigns can be set to hang up a callee upon being dispositioned
  • Multiple new and improved reports
  • Faster agent access to reduce incomplete calls
  • Simplified custom field management
  • Use AJAX for the agent portal


  • Polycom VVX 300, 400, 500, 600: Firmware 4.1.6.

DLS Hosted PBX version 4.2 – Released July 24th, 2013

Feature Enhancements:

  • Added Advanced Filtering for Call Recordings.
  • Link to Call Recording from Queue and Call Reports.
  • Call Reports enhancement: full CDR data and CEL details are available.
  • Added a condensed summary report for all calls on the call reports page.
  • Variety of Call Queue Reports for performance analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Added the ability to copy call routing branches.
  • Various call routing page usability enhancements.
  • Added a clear caller name prepend call routing option.
  • Added office hours groups that can be used with call routing.
  • Pattern and blocked Caller-ID matching on Selective Call Routing dialplan rules.
  • Per extension option to set handset dialing time-out.
  • Per extension option to disable daylight savings time.
  • Per extension option to enable STUN server support (on supported phones).
  • Changed status pages to update in the background.
  • Added search functionality to various commonly used pages.
  • Added a transcript field for system recordings.
  • Improved the system permissions page to be more user friendly.
  • Provisioning support for Grandstream GXP 2124/2200.
  • Provisioning support for the Yealink SIP-T2 series, SIP-T3 series, SIP-T4 series, DECT W52P and the VP530 video phone.
  • Provisioning support for Polycom VVX300, VVX400, and VVX600.
  • Provisioning support for Spectralink 8440, 8450, 8452.
  • Provisioning support for the Cisco SPA-112/501/502/508/512/514 phones.
  • Voicemail and call recordings can now be sent to Transcription Hub for text transcriptions of the audio files for an additional cost.
  • Streaming Music on Hold via Shoutcast/Icecast.
  • Free browser plugin for click to dial.
  • Update the weather feature to work directly with NOAA.

DLS Hosted PBX version 4.1 – Released October 31st, 2012

Feature Enhancements:

  • Design overhaul to the voicemail and call recordings pages allows sorting and paging.
  • Option on call recordings search to filter by date and phone number.
  • Re-name Clients menu category to Apps.
  • Sub-menus now wrap long names instead of truncating them.
  • Hide user device selection when manual configuration is selected.
  • Add admin permissions for user notification preferences.
  • Option to override the Caller-ID on an outbound call in the routing tree.
  • Added a reset button to the queues to reset statistics.
  • System option to toggle the agent status display on handsets.
  • System option to toggle the web apps on supported Grandstreams.
  • Per-extension option to monitor device status on manual devices.
  • Secure calling with TLS on Cisco, Polycom and manual devices.
  • Encrypted audio with SRTP on Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, Aastra and manual devices.
  • Configuration support for the Polycom VVX500.
  • Configuration support for the Grandstream DECT DP710/715.
  • Voicemail with less than 2 seconds of talking are automatically discarded.
  • Hardware transcoding module for CPU performance enhancements.
  • Fax emails now contain a link for electronic signatures and editing.
  • The fax system can now translate PDFs created in Adobe v9 and later.
  • Email to fax now supports .doc files.
  • Authentication logging and filtering for the AMI interface.
  • A monthly security audit will email potential vulnerabilities to the admin.
  • Sipura interface user passwords are now set via the user profile.


  • Cisco SPA 3XX and 5XX: 7.5.1a
  • Polycom Soundpoint 321, 331, 550, 560, 650, 670, Soundstation 5000, 6000, 7000, VVX500, VVX1500: 4.0.2B
  • Polycom Soundpoint 335, 450: 4.0.3F

DLS Hosted PBX version 4.0 – Released April 16th, 2012

Feature Enhancements:

  • Inbound call security enhancements.
  • Switch MoH format to wav for native playback.
  • Attempt to convert uploaded MoH and recordings to the correct format.
  • Background images for Polycom 450, 550, 560, 650, 670, and VVX1500 handsets.
  • Supply a link to the billing reports from the call reports.
  • Added 15 and 45 second intervals to the parking timeout.
  • Enable/Disable handset web interface per device.
  • G722(wideband) codec support for Polycom IP, Polycom VVX, Cisco SPA, Aastra, Grandstream, and manual devices.
  • Option and new default to hide SIP secret from non-admin interface profiles.
  • Configuration support for Grandstream GXV3140, GXV3175, GXP2100, GXP2110, GXP2120, GXP1200, GXP1450, GXP280, GXP285.
  • Configuration support for Cisco SPA301, SPA303, SPA504, SPA509, SPA525.
  • Migrate some devices to HTTP from TFTP for configuration.
  • Automated reboot option for Grandstream phones.
  • Selection to allow agent MoH to override queue MoH.
  • User controlled communicatication perferences.
  • Additional logging for system and user deleted call recordings.
  • Add option for panels to toggle display of buttons for mirrored extensions.

DLS Hosted PBX version 3.2 – Released May 1st, 2011

Feature Enhancements:

  • Display parking lot number on call status page
  • Improved Parking Lot system
  • Integrated on-demand call recording
  • Barge method for call monitoring
  • Add support for Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 conference phone
  • Allow * in system feature codes
  • Update Click-to-Dial page with newer software links
  • Rename submenus for easier user recognition
  • XMPP (jabber) chat service
  • Pre-processing form validation
  • Upgraded operator panels to FOP2
  • User MoH settings now apply to outbound calls also
  • Conferences now prompt for a recording of the caller’s name
  • Conferences have an interactive menu (using *)
  • Web interface for real-time conference administration
  • Basic web interface intrusion detection and logging

DLS Hosted PBX version 3.1 – Released July 1st, 2010

Feature Enhancements:

  • Conference Call Recording
  • Remote Call Pickup
  • Restricted Contact Lists
  • Voicemail Blasting
  • Sticky MoH for Queues
  • Inbound MoH selection per user or via call routing
  • Whisper option on Call Monitoring
  • Audible recording notification option for single extension calls
  • HotPhone configuration support for Aastra, Polycom, Grandstream and Sipura
  • Microbrowser directory and other applications for Polycom and Aastra phones
  • Option to allow unrestricted access to override a recording
  • Disable email notifications of voicemail per user
  • Expansion of mirrored extensions to multiple handsets
  • Shared handsets
  • Automatic handset reboot option on config change
  • Option to disable the web UI on some handsets
  • Added a photo icon on the voicemail client to indicate when there is a video voicemail

Firmware Updates:

  • Aastra 6739i: 3.0.1
  • Grandstream GXV3000:
  • Polycom VVX1500: 3.2.3
  • Polycom 670: 3.2.3

DLS Hosted PBX version 3.0 – Released January 1st, 2010

Feature Enhancements:

  • New interface graphics and layout
  • Granular permissions profiles replacing the admin/user model
  • Ability to reset a user’s SIP secret
  • Aastra configuration support for 9143, 6731, 6739 touchscreen, 6753, 6755
  • Aastra blf keys now offer transfer capabilities
  • Aastra single stage configuration boot
  • Polycom configuration support for 321, 331, 335, 450, 670 color, 7000
  • Polycom configuration and server support for VVX1500 video phone
  • Settings change logging
  • Database management fixes and improvements
  • Configuration snapshots
  • Real time or offline interface editing
  • Channel utilization graph
  • Search call records by calling number
  • 32bit compatibility with ADA version 1.0
  • Customer access to admin API
  • Export option on summary by each extension report
  • User level option to use mouseover or tree menus
  • System option to allow caller-id passthrough on forwarded calls
  • Different MP3 player for MoH reduces upload time and improves audio quality
  • Re-ordering option on MoH files

Firmware Updates:

  • Aastra 6753i:

DLS Hosted PBX version 2.6 – Released December 15, 2008

Feature Enhancements:

  • Expanded support for Polycom and Aastra models
  • Support for Agent Queue login status display on select Polycom and Aastra phones
  • Added ability to assign contacts to BLF keys of select Polycom and Aastra phones using the Contacts page on the PBX
  • Added support for BLF status of watched extensions for select Polycom and Aastra phones
  • Added support for expansion modules for select Polycom and Aastra phones
  • Added groups to Call Parking which may be used to sandbox parked calls to a particular location/branch
  • Click-to-delete link in voicemail notification email no longer requires login cookies
  • Voicemail audio notifications now use less server resources
  • Added support for Grandstream GXV3000 video phone
  • Added support for pbx directory management to Grandstream phones
  • Added an option to choose fax delivery attachment format

DLS Hosted PBX version 2.5 – Released April 23, 2008

Feature Enhancements:

  • Wait command in routing tree accepts DTMF input
  • Weather information
  • Predictive Dialer SOAP API and Web Service
  • Calls to Directory Assistance (411/XXX-555-1212) may now be disabled

New Modules:

  • Conferencing Bridge

DLS Hosted PBX version 2.4 – Released August 1st, 2007

Feature Enhancements:

  • Video Codec passthrough support for h263 and h263p
  • SPA3102 FXO device support
  • DID Management interface
  • Manually configured devices are no longer monitored to support a wider range of devices
  • Added an option to select all messages in a voicemail box.
  • Users with view status can view fax status and generate predictive dialer reports for other users.
  • User-specific area codes for both primary and mirrored devices
  • 711 support
  • United Kingdom phone network support
  • “911 Profiles” are now called “Emergency Profiles”
  • Nomadic 911 support
  • Add a 1 second delay to playing pages to support some devices
  • Allow manually configured devices to be paged
  • Add routing for inbound calls to FXO devices to the main 911 CID number
  • Limited support for Cisco 7941

New Modules:

  • PBX to PBX Routing (direct routing of internal extensions between pbxs)

DLS Hosted PBX version 2.3 – Released March 22, 2007

Feature Enhancements:

  • Option to disable the voicemail envelope
  • Utilize VLANs on Cisco 7905, 7910, 7912
  • Web-based operator panel (replaces Presence Manager)
  • Round Robin with Memory agent hunting
  • Enable users to view status information
  • Option to use follow-me with a DID
  • Use native MoH player and format (replaces mpg123)
  • Removed Protocol settings for simplification
  • Real-time call reports
  • Customer DB access to call reports
  • Enhancements to IP Access controls
  • Module support for related enhancements
  • Changes to interaction between UI and PBX for future enhancements
  • Support for international numbers added to follow-me profiles
  • Support for international numbers added to “Dial Outbound” step
  • Queue options to enter or leave the queue when there are no agents
  • Looser format for MAC addresses in device manager
  • Option to disable the call-forwarding softkey on Polycom phones
  • Default CODEC changed to G.729
  • Context sensitive interface reference
  • Queue options to specify max wait time, max callers, wrap up time
  • Queue option to disallow retrying agents if a call is not answered
  • Support for Click-to-Dial from TAPI compliant applications
  • Support for monitoring in-progress calls

New Modules:

  • Predictive Dialer (Advanced outbound call center support with scripting)
  • Digital Fax Support (Fax to Email and Email to Fax capabilities)

DLS Hosted PBX version 2.2 – Released March 23, 2006

Feature Enhancements:

  • Device Manager interface
  • Mirrored Extensions
  • MoH during follow-me
  • VM detection during follow-me
  • Personalized Directory announcement
  • VM notification email included deletion link
  • Paging by Group
  • Incidental Caller-ID suppression available (*67)
  • More verbose errors when deleting items
  • Email alert on high drive space utilization
  • User and Administrative Manuals
  • Selective call routing based on Caller-ID
  • Per-user Voicemail Exit Contexts
  • Configuration support for GXP-2000

DLS Hosted PBX version 2.1 – Released February 8, 2006

Feature Enhancements:

  • Support for POTS 911 calls via Sipura SPA3000 devices
  • Automated provisioning of Sipura SPA941
  • Option to specify NTP server
  • Option to specify timezone per user
  • Users may now change their own web passwords
  • New firmware for Cisco 7905/7912 and 7940/7960
  • New firmware for Polycom 30X/50X/600
  • Time constraint options on all call reports

DLS Hosted PBX version 2.0 – Released September 9, 2005

Feature Enhancements:

  • Automated provisioning of Sipura SPA2000
  • Automated provisioning of Sipura SPA841
  • New text-to-speech engine to provide better pronunciation
  • Support for report summaries and details by user group
  • Windows-based Presence Manager application
  • Option to give calls different priorities before entering a queue
  • Option to disable hold position announcement
  • Configurable IP access lists for web interface and phone registration
  • 128-bit SSL encrypted web interface
  • Custom CallerID is now a pulldown of valid DIDs
  • CallerID Blocking

DLS Hosted PBX version 1.2 – Released May 25, 2005

Feature Enhancements:

  • Bulk call recording
  • Distinctive ringing
  • Distinctive Caller ID
  • Text only voice-mail notification
  • Audio voice-mail notification
  • Prefix for transfer to voice-mail
  • Scheduled call forwarding
  • System profiles for outbound calling preferences
  • Improved directory application
  • Simplify DID routing (remove answer step)
  • Improved E911 support
  • Automated provisioning of Cisco 7912
  • Option to hide logged-out agents in Queues status screen
  • Attempt to handle hand-crafted CSV files for contact uploads

DLS Hosted PBX version 1.1 – Released March 16, 2005

Feature Enhancements:

  • Follow-me
  • Paging/Intercom
  • Custom logos on Cisco 7940/7960
  • Ability to import contacts
  • Option to exit from voice-mail
  • Report enhancements
  • Upgrade page for db alterations and licensing changes
  • Automated provisioning of Cisco 7905
  • Automated provisioning of Polycom 300
  • Additional information on queue status
  • Voice-mail URL on e-mail notifications
  • Display of SIP password on web interface for manual configuration

DLS Hosted PBX version 1.0 – Released November 11, 2004