Endpoint Compatibility List

Handsets Supporting Automatic Provisioning

This is a list of endpoint devices that can be automatically provisioned with the DLS Hosted PBX. Here you can obtain datasheets with device specifications, download your VoIP phone manuals and find manufacturer references.
ModelCompatibilityManufacturer References
Cisco 7905LegacyView / Download
Cisco 7912LegacyView / Download
Cisco 7940/7940GLegacyView / Download
Cisco 7941/7941GLegacyView / Download
Cisco 7960/7960GLegacyView / Download
Cisco 7841CurrentView / Download
Cisco 7945/7945GCurrentView / Download
Cisco 7965/7965GCurrentView / Download
Cisco 8945CurrentView / Download
Cisco SPA 112CurrentView / Download
Cisco SPA301GCurrentView / Download
Cisco SPA 303GCurrentView / Download
Cisco SPA 501GCurrentView / Download
Cisco SPA 502GCurrentView / Download
Cisco SPA 504GCurrentView / Download
Cisco SPA 508GCurrentView / Download
Cisco SPA 512GCurrentView / Download
Cisco SPA514GCurrentView / Download
Cisco SPA 525GCurrentView / Download
Cisco SPA8000CurrentView / Download
Aastra (67)31iLegacy
Aastra (67)39iLegacy
Aastra (67)51iLegacy
Aastra (67)53iLegacy
Aastra (67)55iLegacyView / Download
Aastra (67)57iLegacyView / Download
Aastra 9143iLegacy
Aastra 9480i/9480i CTLegacy
Aastra 9112iLegacy
Aastra M670i (536M) Expansion ModuleLegacy
Aastra M675i (560M) Expansion ModuleLegacy
Grandstream DP710 / DP715LegacyView / Download
Grandstream GXP1200Legacy
Grandstream GXP1450Current
Grandstream GXP2000LegacyView / Download
Grandstream GXP2100Current
Grandstream GXP 2110Current
Grandstream GXP 2120Current
Grandstream GXP 2124Current
Grandstream GXP 2200Current
Grandstream GXP 280/285Legacy
Grandstream GXV 3000LegacyView / Download
Grandstream GXV 3140Current
Grandstream GXV 3175Current
Grandstream GAC 2500Current
Grandstream GXP 1610Current
Grandstream GXP 1615Current
Grandstream GXP 1620Current
Grandstream GXP 1625Current
Grandstream GXP 1628Current
Grandstream GXP 1630Current
Grandstream GXV 3275Current
Polycom SoundsPoint IP 300Legacy
Polycom SoundPoint IP 301Legacy
Polycom SoundPoint IP 320 / 330Legacy
Polycom SoundStation IP 4000LegacyView / Download
Polycom SoundPoint IP 500Legacy
Polycom SoundPoint IP 501Legacy
Polycom SoundPoint IP 600Legacy
Polycom SoundPoint IP 601Legacy
Polycom SpectraLink 8002LegacyView / Download
Polycom SpectraLink 8020LegacyView / Download
Polycom SpectraLink 8030LegacyView / Download
Polycom Spectralink 8440Current
Polycom Spectralink 8450Current
Polycom Spectralink 8452Current
Polycom SoundPoint IP 321CurrentView / Download
Polycom SoundPoint IP 331CurrentView / Download
Polycom SoundPoint IP 335CurrentView / Download
Polycom SoundPoint IP 430Current
Polycom SoundPoint IP 450CurrentView / Download
Polycom Soundstation IP 5000Current
Polycom SoundPoint IP 550CurrentView / Download
Polycom SoundPoint IP 560CurrentView / Download
Polycom SoundStation IP 6000CurrentView / Download
Polycom SoundPoint IP 650CurrentView / Download
Polycom SoundPoint IP 670CurrentView / Download
Polycom SoundStation IP 7000CurrentView / Download
Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800Current
Polycom VVX 100 / 101Current
Polycom VVX 150Current
Polycom VVX 1500CurrentView / Download
Polycom VVX 201Current
Polycom VVX 250Current
Polycom VVX 300Current
Polycom VVX 301 / 311Current
Polycom VVX 350Current
Polycom VVX 400Current
Polycom VVX 401/411Current
Polycom SoundPoint IP 450Current
Polycom VVX 500Current
Polycom VVX 501Current
Polycom VVX 600Current
Polycom VVX 601Current
Yealink SIP-T18PCurrent
Yealink SIP-T20PCurrent
Yealink SIP-T22PCurrent
Yealink SIP-T26PCurrent
Yealink SIP-T28PCurrent
Yealink SIP-T29GCurrent
Yealink SIP-T32GCurrent
Yealink SIP-T38GCurrent
Yealink SIP-T41PCurrent
Yealink SIP-T42G / T42SCurrent
Yealink SIP-T46G / T46SCurrent
Yealink SIP-T48GCurrent
Yealink SIP-T48SCurrent
Yealink VP530Current
Yealink W52P/W52HCurrent
Yealink W60P/WP60HCurrent
SiPura – Linksys – Cisco SPA-2000Legacy
SiPura-Cisco SPA-841Legacy
Cisco SPA-941LegacyView / Download
Obihai Technology OBI202Legacy
Polycom SoundPoint IP 650 Backlit Expansion ModuleCurrentView / Download
Polycom SoundPoint IP 670 Color Expansion ModuleCurrentView / Download
Polycom VVX Color Expansion ModuleCurrent
Yealink EXP-38 / EXP-39 Expansion ModulesCurrent