My SoftPhone is Dropping Calls! What do I do?

How to troubleshoot dropped voip calls

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services like SoftPhone continue to revolutionize the business world. Companies of all sizes can reap its rewards, including saving up to 30% on phone bills and increasing productivity rates by 20%. While this technology can be beneficial, issues like dropped calls threaten to halt your productivity.  Why is my Softphone … Read more

12 Ways Your PBX Configuration Can Make or Break Your Business Image

PBX can make or break your business image

An auto-attendant is hardly a jaw-dropping technology that will impress your callers, but it is a kind of business card for your enterprise. After all, you only get one chance to make an excellent first impression, and yours may be in the hands of the receptionist. And that is what the Auto-Attendant is: a programmable … Read more

SMS Campaign Registry – Consumer Protection or Money Grab?

SMS Campaign Registry Through The Lens of SMS Marketing Statistics

SMS Campaign Registry – Consumer Protection or Money Grab? SMS remains one of the most effective tools for marketing. However, with the spreading of mobile phones, users receive loads of SMS spam. The mobile U.S. operators’ recent attempt at SMS regulation tries to change this. The name to it is “the (SMS) Campaign Registry“. Since … Read more

Linking Salesforce with Your DLS VoIP PBX

Salesforce and DLS Hosted PBX Softphone

Salesforce is the number one CRM globally and an excellent tool to track customer data. It works with many email clients, including a popular Microsoft Outlook™. Tracking email is great, but what about other business conversations? Why link Hosted PBX with Salesforce? Any information you collect about your business interactions with the client has value. … Read more

6 Tips to Improve UC Security

Keep your unified communications secure

The unified communications and collaboration market is booming, and we can only expect the numbers to grow. Businesses are focusing on creating immersive and user-friendly experiences for their staff. As a result, they are investing in the kind of tools that consolidate their communications effectively. Unfortunately, today’s businesses are dealing with a severe influx of … Read more


Kari's Law ensures availability of emergency services from MLTS

The deadline rollout for compliance with Kari’s Law and BAUM’s Act has arrived. Companies and organizations of all industries sizes are now on the hook for massive fines associated with non-compliance with these measures. Follow this guide to learn more about staying compliant with Kari’s Law and Baum’s Act. Understanding Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s … Read more

Affordable Internet Backup When You Need It

Wireless Backup Connection Diagram

Have you ever experienced Internet failure? A bad day, right? It’s even worse when your business has a premise-based VoIP system and your customers can’t reach you. These days almost everything relies on the Internet, be it a home-run business, an office, a factory, a restaurant, or a storefront. More than 50% of the population … Read more

How to Protect Your Video Conference from Hackers

Protect your Video Conference from Bombing

Recently, more and more organizations have been transitioning to flexible working conditions for their staff, like permitting work from home or more flexible working hours. However, nobody could have predicted the impact the covid-19 pandemic would have on the way organizations structure their workforce. What was gradually becoming a trend in employee work practices suddenly … Read more