Toll-Free Numbers: Monumental Waste or Smart Marketing Strategy?

Toll-Free NumbersNot too long ago, any business that did business outside of their immediate area was known to have a toll-free number. That way, anytime a client or customer wanted to reach them, the company would get the call. It was good for business. Now that so many phone plans include long distance and even international long distance, does a company really need a toll-free number?

Here are five things to consider before eliminating a toll-free line from your marketing strategy.

  1. An 800 number is equated with professionalism in many customer and client’s minds. It is a sign that you take your business and that you invest in your service. This, in turn, gives a clear message to customers and potential customers that you are an established company and that, no matter which location they use or where they may travel, they only need to dial one number.
  2. You can take the number with you no matter where your business may go. Switch carriers? You can keep your 800 number. Move to a different state? You can keep your 800 number. Modern businesses evolve quickly in response to changing consumer demands, major shifts in the market place, and advances in technology. A toll-free number can ensure that your potential customers can get in touch with you, no matter what changes you may make down the road.
  3. An 800 number is easy to remember. Once the customer or client reaches you, an automated system can take them to a myriad of different places. This means you can have the same number for sales, customer service, and any other department! Customers appreciate it when you make things convenient for them.
  4. An 800 number can provide you with a lot of useful data. You can track call patterns, such as the time that customers are calling you and the parts of the country most calls are coming from. You can then track the effectiveness of your advertising. Many businesses consider this a small price to pay for such invaluable information.
  5. An 800 number is a great way to personalize your business. Think of some of the most well-known 800 numbers that you know. Think 1-800 FLOWERS or 1-800 CONTACTS. With a number like that, companies grab attention and stay in the memories of the public. An easy-to-remember number can become part of the branding for a business and can even grab market share from other businesses that do not have a similar hook.

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