DLS Launches New Network Security Services

Trump Wall

 DLS Internet Services kicked off the summer of 2016 by adding two new products to its managed network security service portfolio.
The new advanced TrumpWall product provides instant blocking of any Internet communications based on all or some of the keywords, such as “Mexico,” “Canada,” “China,” “Radical Islamic Terrorism” among others by tapping directly into your Google™ searches and company’s VoIP phone system ensuring business continuity during the most interesting times.
Another innovative service called HillaryRouter guarantees safe and secure delivery of your company’s unencrypted private email to a uniquely random public mail server of our choice. Service relies on a proprietary mail routing protocol developed exclusively for and rigorously tested by the U.S. State Department for four years beginning in 2009 which has now been declassified and released into public domain.
“The deployment of TrumpWall and HillaryRouter will be a critical step towards implementation of the next generation national Internet service,” says Sam Rozenfeld, chief executive officer (DLS Computer Services, Inc.) right next to the IPv13 and hosted backups of everyone’s private data to our public cloud. This industry-leading service shows our commitment to the future of corporate safety.” Additional information about DLS products and services is available at www.dls.net.
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