Service Matters

triage-Customer-serviceCustomer service is at the very heart of what we do at DLS and we pride ourselves on the relationships we build. With our modern always-on global marketplace, many organizations have outsourced their service personnel to vendors just to cut costs. DLS is different because we insource to keep our staff informed and working together for you

By keeping everything under our roof, we eliminate the gap between our Hosted PBX experts and you. All of our customer service and technical support comes directly from our team to ensure the fastest and most effective response to the issues you’re experiencing. Getting a solution right the fist time keeps your business running smoothly.

Service as the Heart of Operations

For some organizations, offering a triage support system with entry-level representatives only serves their interests, not yours. At DLS, customer service is part of our core business. Those outsource partners may be well versed in customer service or general technical support, but they’re not experts on our products or our customers.

We know how frustrating it can be when contacting support to have to go through multiple layers, repeatedly answering the same questions before getting the help you need. At DLS, we put you straight through to the experts, the folks who know your business, the products you’re using, and even your name and history. You never need to relay the same story to each person on our team because your time is precious!

We know that you are busy and under pressure from your own customers, and need issues resolved quickly. That is why we shorten the process by bringing you straight to the person who can solve your problem first.

Local Focus, National Coverage

Your business is unique and deserves a solutions that fits with your needs now with the flexibility to grow with you. That’s why we deliver on our commitment of optimal scalability and development of a feature-rich solution tailored to your needs.  Locally developed and maintained, we also offer nation-wide coverage to better support your growing enterprise no matter which region your expansion plans cover.

We’re able to ensure the service you receive is second-to-none by holding ourselves to a higher standard. That means support you can trust from our family team that knows your needs as well as they know your products and services. That is the DLS difference.

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