Things We Would Rather Do Over the Phone

Cat on the phone (very angry)We are all used to the ease of ordering things online, tapping our way into a purchase. For many people, it’s less common to pick up the phone to purchase something. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. It does, and here are a few examples of things that you can only buy over the phone — and why you need a reliable phone system for your own business!

Ordering from Small Companies

If you have ever looked for delivery or take-out food in a small town, you know that not every small company has a website set up for online ordering. Unless you can get to the company’s location, your only option is often to call in and talk to someone. According to Morgan Stanley Research, in 2017 47% of all takeout orders still, happen over the phone.  Even if you send an email order, you’ll often have to follow that up with a phone call to talk about the details.

Companies without a web ordering option may not be as convenient as those with those features. But that does not matter when the customer needs what they are offering, and they have a great product or service. A reliable phone system makes sure that businesses and customers can make the right connections. If you rely on the phone to receive orders from potential customers, you will want to make sure your tech is on task.

Making Personalized Purchases over the Phone

Continuing to use food as our example. Say, you have an allergy, intolerance, or special request. There is usually no way to get around calling in to confirm your needs. The same holds true across a bunch of industries. From picking specific seats at an event or performance, to personalize the details of clothing, machinery, vehicles, and furniture. If it involves a special request, be prepared to make or receive a call.

Getting Your Issue Escalated on the Phone

Ever tried escalating a customer service issue to a company supervisor via online chat or email? There is no substitute for the expressiveness of your voice. Especially when trying to make a point or a demand for accountability. Sure – an email could do that, but it does not carry the same emotional payload and sense of urgency. When we need something done NOW – we call.

When Online Ordering Systems Fail

Even if a vendor has an online ordering system, if something unexpected happens that makes it crash or otherwise become unavailable, everyone goes back to the telephone. Many of us have logged onto a website to order something only to find an error message and a request to call the company. If you cannot wait for the online ordering system to come back to life, a phone call is your only option.

This also goes to show how important reliable technology is. If something stops working, it impacts everyone – employees through to the customers who have to adapt. The telephone is good for business and it can be great in a computer-related crisis.

We know the value of strong technology, especially for communications. Whether you take phone orders or are using your telephone system to get goods and services, you can count on us for the tech that works. Contact us for more information!