Hosted PBX 3.2 under development

Greetings, DLS Hosted PBX users!  We have so many features that we just can’t wait to add to the PBX.  Version 3.2 is currently under development and I will be able to keep everyone up to date with our progress on this blog.

Here are some of the new features already completed:

  • Display parking slot number on status screen for parked calls
  • Custom parking lots for outbound calls
  • Call monitor barge-in
  • Integrated one-touch call recording
  • Polycom 5000 conference phone management
  • New web interface menu engine

Some features currently under development for 3.2:

  • Pre-processing form validation
  • Date/Time selector controls to replace text input fields
  • Integrated corporate chat server
  • System context for blocking 10-digit international calls
  • New desktop dialer clients

Other features that we are hoping to include in 3.2:

  • Option to mute conference users
  • Independent conference call recording
  • New operator panel client
  • FTP access to call recordings for off-site storage
  • Custom music on hold for outbound calls

We are very excited about developing the Hosted PBX and we hope that you will be excited about the new features for 3.2 and beyond.

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