Global Outage – Notice on Service Disruption

Dear Valued Customer,

On Tuesday, October 4th at 07:19am CST DLS Internet Services experienced a voice service disruption resulting in busy signals received by callers of many of our client’s telephone numbers. Some of the outbound calling may also have been affected for up to 2 hours. This service disruption was a result of a larger nationwide service disruption caused by Level 3 Communications – a large national phone company responsible for routing over 22% of all of the U.S. VoIP calls.

Most issues appeared to have been resolved as of 10:45pm CST although no official response other than acknowledgement of an outage have been received from Level3 Communications. The outage is being tracked by multiple 3rd party monitoring and media sources. DLS customers placing outbound calls to non-Level3 numbers continued to function throughout this time and have not been affected.

DLS’s network operations team is continuing to monitor the progress o f Level3’s repair effort through multiple 3rd party networks and media.

We apologize for any inconvenience this problem may have caused you. As of the time of this announcement, no official estimated time of repair is offerred and full downtime report is not expected to be provided by Level3 for the next 24-48 hours. If you are continuing to experience issues causing inbound or outbound callers to receive busy signals, please, report them to DLS technical support for further investigation by opening a ticket on our support portal.

Sam Rozenfeld
DLS Internet Services
847-854-4799 ext. 222

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