DLS releases Hosted PBX 5.3

DLS proudly presents the release of our Hosted PBX version 5.3. As always, the features that have been added come directly from our customers requests. We understand that our clients have needs and do our best to fulfill them. The goal is to continue enriching and improving our product while keeping the price affordable. To ensure quality, we run all features through BETA testing for several weeks to identify any bugs or glitches and remedy them before they go live to the DLS user community.

Current release includes several significant enhancements to call parking, call routing, queues, reporting, conferencing, and white-labeling. We are also pleased to announce support of SMS.

Some exciting new features include:

  • Conferencing – We have added DLS Meeting Room to our conferencing module. It allows conference bridge participation through a web portal and includes features such as: agenda, document sharing, screen sharing, whiteboard, chat, video, and more. Conferences can be scheduled through DLS Meeting Room and invites can be sent through the PBX to participants internally or externally. An email is sent to participants after the meeting, recapping the events and any documents that were shared.
  • Call Parking – Call routing steps can now be taken to set a timeout destination for parking lots.
  • Queues – Agents can now pause and resume themselves in queues using feature codes. Additionally, the dialed feature code can be used to indicate a pause. There is now a queue report aggregation which displays a breakdown of agent pause time by pause reason (i.e. break, lunch, etc.).
  • Reporting – We have added a call quality report filter which enables users to restrict by range of IP address. There is also a call routing report page which provides the ability to generate a report of SMS that have been sent and received through the PBX’s DIDs as well as by its users.
  • SMS – You will now be able to send and receive SMS text messages through a variety of methods such as: the API, call routing, handsets, email, and web interface.
  • White-labeling – The non-whitelabeled content in the footer of whitelabeled PBXs has been reduced.

An instructional video is to follow and a complete list of features for DLS Hosted PBX can be found HERE.

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