DLS Launches Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic Services

Growing Hosted PBX and Network Solutions and Services provider brings remote performance monitoring service and support to end users

Press Release: Lake-in-the-Hills, IL – February 16, 2011 — DLS Internet Services, a leading provider of Hosted PBX and network consulting services, today announced the launch of CloudSmart clinic, a service for initial base lining assessment of network health and performance; ongoing continuous performance monitoring, monthly performance reporting and proactive troubleshooting of business critical applications including VoIP and Video conferencing.

With CloudSmart, DLS Internet Services now offers an ongoing remote performance monitoring service for managing and troubleshooting business critical applications such as Hosted PBX, Virtualization and other key services. DLS’ CloudSmart capabilities bring end users assurance of key IT service performance, a budgeted expense to manage and maintain network performance, and an opportunity to utilize cost efficient and cutting edge cloud services.

“We are excited to provide our customers with the PathView Cloud Remote Performance Monitoring solutions which will facilitate customer Hosted PBX deployments and ensure highest voice and video call quality,” said Ward Larkin, Vice President of Sales at DLS Internet Services. “We now have a comprehensive service that will support our clients with network pre-assessments, continuous monitoring and proactive troubleshooting.”

For more information, please email sales@dls.net or call DLS directly at (800) 323-2099.

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