DLS Hosted PBX 4.1 moves to Beta





We are pleased to announce final testing (Beta) stage of the DLS Hosted PBX version 4.1. (Watch training video).  As always – you can see what we are working on by viewing DLS Hosted PBX development roadmap.

The following is a summary of new functionality and user interface changes:

Feature Enhancements:

  • Design overhaul to the voicemail and call recordings pages allows sorting and paging.
  • Option on call recordings search to filter by date and phone number.
  • Re-name Clients menu category to Apps.
  • Sub-menus now wrap long names instead of truncating them.
  • Hide user device selection when manual configuration is selected.
  • Add admin permissions for user notification preferences.
  • Option to override the Caller-ID on an outbound call in the routing tree.
  • Added a reset button to the queues to reset statistics.
  • System option to toggle the agent status display on handsets.
  • System option to toggle the web apps on supported Grandstreams.
  • Per-extension option to monitor device status on manual devices.
  • Secure calling with TLS on Cisco, Polycom and manual devices.
  • Encrypted audio with SRTP on Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, Aastra and manual devices.
  • Configuration support for the Polycom VVX500.
  • Configuration support for the Grandstream DECT DP710/715.
  • Voicemail with less than 2 seconds of talking are automatically discarded.
  • Hardware transcoding module for CPU performance enhancements.
  • Fax emails now contain a link for electronic signatures and editing.
  • The fax system can now translate PDFs created in Adobe v9 and later.
  • Email to fax now supports .doc files.
  • Authentication logging and filtering for the AMI interface.
  • A monthly security audit will email potential vulnerabilities to the admin.


  • Cisco SPA 3XX and 5XX: 7.5.1a
  • Polycom Soundpoint 321, 331, 335, 450, 550, 560, 650, 670, Soundstation 5000, 6000, 7000, VVX500, VVX1500: 4.0.2B

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