Call Routing

Call routing is a core pbx feature which is often taken for granted. Ability to route a call programmatically is probably the most important and commonly used feature of every phone system.

A call routing subsystem of a PBX is often referred to as “automatic call distributor” or ACD. ACD can route calls to participating agents or call queues based on defined criteria such as the time of day or agent’s workload among others.

Call Routing Rescue for Business

Hold Message Hell cartoon
Call routing for your business is critical to retaining happy customers and doing it the right way increases your satisfaction ratings. What could possibly be worse than getting stuck in Answering Machine Hell when you're trying to call a business to secure a service or purchase a product? Well, the truth is, a fast busy tone or endless ringing without an answer is much worse. Customers rightfully...
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Voice Communications: Understanding Value Proposition and Cost

Voice communications are an essential part of any business. In the age of messaging, email, and social media we continue to rely heavily on our phones. Keeping current with the technology is important but companies don't typically upgrade essential pieces of their communications infrastructure on a whim. Most business phone equipment upgrade decisions are driven by one or more of the following rea...
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