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VoIP SPAM as We Know It

VoIP technology has clear advantages over traditional circuit switched telephony. One of the most prominent advantages of Hosted VoIP is its relative affordability as call volume scales up. We call it “price-performance”. Unfortunately ethical and legal business operators are not the only ones to take advantage of this benefit. Accessibility of hosted VoIP resulted in lowering the cost of predicti...
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Anatomy of the PBX phone system

There are a lot of terms we use in the telephony world that most people don’t fully understand, even if they throw them about with abandon. This is not because those people are dumb or ignorant. Rather, it’s simply because the telephony world is filled with jargon and “alphabet soup” terminology that can make really simple systems seem much more complex than they actually are. PBX vendors and ...
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A Word About YOUR Call Recording Storage

Call recording storage is not something most providers often speak of. It is considered an inner working of their infrastructure and usually is not visible to the public eye. Yet it is important for YOU to know that your hosted system is provisioned to record and keep all the calls you want it to. One of the great benefits of switching your business telephony over to Hosted VoIP lies in just how ...
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Hosted PBX 4.0 Rolls Out to Customers

Grandstream 3140 - High Definition Multimedia Video Phone
I am pleased to announce the end of Beta and final production release of DLS Hosted PBX 4.0, a SIP-based Unified Communications platform. As this version begins to roll off our upgrade schedule we urge our customers to review the hosted PBX 4.0 release notes and training video. Current release introduces a range of new features and bug fixes intended to improve customer experience. DLS Hosted PBX...
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Disruptive Nature of Automated Transcription and Call Indexing

In the past I wrote about the enormous complexities facing developers of speech recognition algorithms. These complexities are what keep seemingly promising new technology from reaching us. However, if history taught us anything, it’s that we, humans, are a creative and a relentless bunch and that sooner or later these technical challenges will be succumb to our ingenuity. Over the last decade we’...
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The Bizarre Persistence of Toll Free Numbers

In a perfect world, technology would advance smoothly and predictably. Every year we’d see advancements within the technologies we know and love and  everyone would adopt these new technologies as they became available, and we’d all benefit from operating at the highest possible level our modern technology affords. Too bad, we don’t live in this perfect world. Communication technology advances at ...
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