Disruptive Nature of Automated Transcription and Call Indexing

In the past I wrote about the enormous complexities facing developers of speech recognition algorithms. These complexities are what keep seemingly promising new technology from reaching us. However, if history taught us anything, it’s that we, humans, are a creative and a relentless bunch and that sooner or later these technical challenges will be succumb to our ingenuity. Over the last decade we’...
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Automated Transcription ? Be Careful What You Wish For !

Voice recognition technology has finally reached a level of sophistication matching the precision and native awareness of human transcription! Just check out the level of unbelievable naturalness offered by Google Voice, the search giant’s flagship automated voicemail transcription service- “Hi Oleg, My name is patio and I got your message for focal stuff I’m selling, please give me a call b...
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