Speech Recognition

Speech recognition while commonly used in modern phone systems is still in its infancy. The challenge here goes beyond the requirement to recognize human speech and converting it to text.

Todays speech recognition works relatively well in absence of background noise, heavy accents and non-compliant callers. Some of us rarely use speech recognition in public places. Let’s face it: when it comes to entering your date of birth or social security number – traditional touch tone offers a lot more privacy than human speech.

Hosted PBX Unwrapped: The Challenges of Automatic Voice Recognition

As computer use becomes ubiquitous, it is increasingly desirable to communicate with them in the same way that we communicate with one another: using human speech. Voice or Speech Recognition technology aims to do just this. Personally, I fell in love with the concept of voice recognition ever since I first saw “Star Trek, The New Generation” series. Unfortunately, my first attempt at making a pr...
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Voice Recognition for Hosted PBX

Every Year our development team establishes new goals aimed to improve our VoIP Service. For the DLS Hosted PBX this means a resolution to add a significant new feature. In 2012 we are looking to bring you a set of features which will allow you to control your phone system functions using your voice. We want you to be able to control calls, change your away or presence status, send and receive...
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