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Boundaries of Hosted VoIP Services

In my previous posts I had touched on the differences between traditional PBX and a Hosted VoIP service. Business VoIP solutions today come in all shapes and colors and also, unfortunately, under all kinds of names: Managed Hosted PBX, Hosted PBX, IP PBX, Virtual PBX etc. The names are used interchangeably as if they all mean the same thing causing confusion among buyers as to which product to use...
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Role of Hosted PBX in Disaster Recovery Planning

Recent events in Japan bring me back to the subject of service survivability and business continuity in the event of a natural disaster. Japan is heavily reliant on VoIP for its telephony. In a way, this has been another significant test of IP communications in a disaster and it appears that the outcome paints fairly well. IP communications certainly are along the road to providing the resilience...
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VoIP and 911: placing a call

Ah, yes. 911 has been a contentious subject of many VoIP blog posts. In February, FCC published a revised consumer document, which explains in plain language the differences between traditional 911 or Enhanced 911 services and those provided over VoIP.  Among many challenges surrounding VoIP technology and 911 emergency dialing are: differences in power supply to the communication lines and hands...
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Hosted PBX vs. Virtual PBX ?

When it comes to Google searches on keywords such as “Business Phone Service” – one can get lost in the myriad of options: “PBX, VoIP, Hosted PBX, Virtual PBX”… . One of the challenges facing entrepreneurs and business executives looking for new communications provider is having an ability to understand the difference between technology solutions. It's hard to choose something if you don't unde...
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