VoIP over Cable or DSL?

voip over cable or dsl?

voip over cable or dsl? - voip dsl modemMaking the switch to Voice Over Internet Protocol is a wise move for business owners. The choice is not only cost-effective, with relatively cheaper call rates than the conventional media, but it also has the added advantages of mobility and higher scalability, which are the frosting on the cake. However, you still have to make a choice between DSL and cable Internet. Both DSL and cable modems are good choices, although cable connection is more dependable and DSL is more reasonably priced. For your immediate needs, get in touch with us.

If you are considering the implementation of VoIP to reduce telephony costs for your very small business, there are a variety of ways to install a VoIP telephony solution.  The different types of installation require infrastructure and environments which are designed to support the specific type of business telephony you want to use.

Two of the different types of VoIP installation include cable and DSL or Digital Subscriber Line. Cable installation requires high-speed cable broadband and a cable modem with VoIP to establish connectivity.  DSL VoIP requires a slightly different type of connectivity and infrastructure.

To help you understand the difference between the two types let’s start with the difference between a cable connection and a DSL connection.

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How the Demand for Mobile VoIP Changes Business VoIP Market

The increased demand for mobile VoIP is changing the forecast for the global business VoIP market over the next six years.  According to Global Industry Analysts Inc., a worldwide business strategy and market intelligence source, global business VoIP is being influenced by two factors which include the rapid acceptance of VoIP by businesses around the globe and the increased demand for mobile VoIP.

In terms of market segments, the fastest growing market is hosted PBX services.  Additionally, the VoIP market on a global scale will be driven by the value and cost savings to companies around the world thanks to new unified communications technology.  The hosted PBX market is expected to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate by more than twelve from 2012 to the year 2018.

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