Is Video Conferencing a New Technology?

Video Conferencing Solution

Most of the technologies we feel are incredibly new, cutting-edge and revolutionary. Truth be told, they are often not nearly as fresh, as we tend to believe. In reality, most of the technologies we consider game-changing have, in one form or another, been around for a long time. Radical shifts in technology are very rare. What changes over time is the quality, availability and application of technology. We see a very good example of this in the evolution of video conferencing.

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Hosted PBX Unwrapped: VoIP Features Your Business Cannot Do Without

ConferenceIf after careful research and deliberation your business has made the decision to upgrade to a hosted VoIP service, you are probably anxious to choose a Hosted PBX service provider and start reaping the many benefits of a hosted phone system. The first question on your mind is probably “What features does the business need?” VoIP Features such as voicemail, call waiting, and E911 are standard across providers of hosted VoIP. The advanced feature sets, however, can vary quite a bit in both: availability and implementation. When you select a service provider, you ultimately choose a set of features. In your search for a VoIP service provider, consider the following advanced features that go beyond the basics and provide your business increased flexibility and efficiency.

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Demystifying buzzwords: Unified Communications

Isn’t it amazing how often we let all of the new technologies and buzzwords intimidate us ? While it’s true that your company should be embracing new ideas, the most important part of your website is probably still the “contact us” link. And the most important tool on your desk is still a phone. Bottom … Read more