Emergencies, Continuity of Business, and Remote Workers

Why businesses should consider the switch to a VoIP phone system now Coronavirus outbreaks are forcing many companies to make difficult choices. How do they continue to operate their business, provide the same level of service to our customers while utilizing remote workers? You need to remain in a position to provide your employees their … Read more

The Need for Firewall Configuration in VoIP

The Need for Firewall Configuration in VoIP VoIP systems are a crucial investment for all organizations, regardless of their type or size. As these systems rely on the internet, they help streamline communication for organizations in a reliable and cost-effective manner. But, just like traditional telephony, VoIP networks are under threat of various impersonation-based identity … Read more

How to Troubleshoot and Resolve Echo in VoIP

VoIP echo is a common issue that causes disruption and delays in communication between individuals. If you have a far end-point, the loudness and delays during calls can get considerably worse. In this article, we will cover some of the main causes of VoIP echo and explain how to resolve an echo in VoIP. Causes … Read more