Voice Communications: Understanding Value Proposition and Cost

Value vs Price

Voice communications are an essential part of any business. In the age of messaging, email, and social media we continue to rely heavily on our phones. Keeping current with the technology is important but companies don’t typically upgrade essential pieces of their communications infrastructure on a whim. Most business phone equipment upgrade decisions are driven by … Read more

Are VoIP and Video Chat Really the Future of Mobile Communications?


Walking TextA recent editorial by Joel Evans over at zdnet argues that two forces are going to drive the future of mobile communication- VoIP and Video Chat. He bases this argument on a pair of experiences he recently had using Skype’s premium outbound calling functionality as well as the VoIP service’s video chat abilities, both of which he used on his mobile device, an iPhone connected to AT&T’s 3G network. He argued that the quality of the VoIP and video chatting services were at least as good, and often superior in clarity and reliability, than normal calls he made using AT&T’s traditional telephony network.

Evans appears to make a compelling enough case here, but there are a couple of points within his argument that he fails to address that change its tone significantly.

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Is Video Conferencing a New Technology?

Video Conferencing Solution

Most of the technologies we feel are incredibly new, cutting-edge and revolutionary. Truth be told, they are often not nearly as fresh, as we tend to believe. In reality, most of the technologies we consider game-changing have, in one form or another, been around for a long time. Radical shifts in technology are very rare. What changes over time is the quality, availability and application of technology. We see a very good example of this in the evolution of video conferencing.

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