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The Problem With the Lowest Possible Cost Mentality

business PBX Price is a factor in every single business decision you will every make, and that absolutely includes making the switch to IP telephony, upgrading your system, or otherwise spending money on your organization’s communications infrastructure. Now, we are not going to argue price should not be a factor. You have a budget for your unified communications solution and you probably can’t b...
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Is Hybrid PBX System a Good Solution?

Technological adoption doesn’t always progress quite as quickly as it should. Even when there’s a superior solution on the market it’s often up for grabs how long, exactly, it’ll take for users to transition from their old, increasingly inferior technology to more current, superior options. This is as true in the PBX market as it is in any other technology-focused market, and it occurs for pretty ...
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Are Patent Wars Impacting the IP Telephony Market?

Apple and Samsung have been locked in legal battles for years, largely over patents related to smartphones. To perhaps oversimplify the matter Apple has been arguing that Samsung has wholesale ripped off the iPhone’s design from day one, and Samsung is countersuing on points of design minutiae that the Korean company argues Apple has stolen. While it seems obvious at first that Apple has the upper...
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Will VoIP Taxes Become a Big Issue for IP Telephony?

Price is one of the biggest reasons why individuals and businesses may make the switch from traditional telephony services to IP telephony. Due to its increased scalability and efficiency, among other facts, it’s unlike IP telephony will ever cost as much as equivalent services from traditional telephony providers, yet the price of IP telephony may go up significantly in the future. (more…...
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IP Telephony Market Flooding and Cutting the Wheat from the Chafe (Pt 3)

Finding companies with the right breadth and depth of experience is an important step in making sure you end up hiring the right hosted PBX provider, and if you choose a company with an impressive and relevant pedigree you’re going to avoid most of the pitfalls the emerging IP telephony market is going to throw your way. But if you want to make sure you end up with a truly great hosted PBX provi...
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IP Telephony Market Flooding and Cutting the Wheat from the Chafe (Pt 2)

At a very basic level the age of a hosted PBX provider gives you some sort of hint of their quality. Sure, there are some startups that come out of nowhere and truly revolutionize the field with some radical advance of telephony technology, but most of the months-old companies we’re going to see launch in the world of IP telephony aren’t in the market to innovate- they’re going to launch quick t...
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IP Telephony Market Flooding and Cutting the Wheat from the Chafe (Pt 1)

We’ve said it before, but it needs to be emphasized- the hosted PBX provider you sign up with will determine how positively you view the technology and your switch to IP telephony. Being picky about who you choose to work with is increasingly important as the hosted PBX market grows. Not only will more organizations find themselves joining the IP telephony movement over the next couple of years, b...
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A Grad Student Hacks Cisco’s VoIP Tech! Should We All Freak Out?

One of the main arguments against IP telephony revolves around security. More specifically, there are some people out there concerned that IP telephony isn’t as secure as traditional telephony, and as such it isn’t viable to use in serious organizations, including large business or any group working in a highly competitive industry. This concern sounds legitimate at first, but it really doesn’t pa...
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