Is Efficient Technical Support a Good Thing ?

When it comes to choosing a business voice service provider, one of the most important factors to consider is quality of customer service and technical support they deliver. Most customers, be they commercial or residential, consider customer support a core value of a technology business.

This perception, however, is frequently overlooked by technology juggernauts which focus on technical support efficiency, often overestimating the benefit of customers self-service. Accustomed to thinking about customer care in terms of technological solution, they choose the most “cost-effective” operating models by pushing (or rather shoving) primary customer contact to the web and making each successive step a part of hierarchy designed with the same intent. To them it’s all about numbers: by outsourcing technical support major telecom carriers and regional CLECs save millions of dollars, cut call handling times aiming at handling more calls with less technical support personnel.

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What VoIP Readiness Assessment Does Not Tell You

In the previous posts I had covered many obvious business reasons driving business VoIP adoption in the enterprise including costs savings, productivity increases, and image benefits. These benefits are typically enabled by VoIP infrastructure on a converged network, but achieved through IP telephony applications such as messaging, conferencing and geographic independence.

Realizing VoIP Hosted PBX benefits can be a challenge, and organizations may experience frustration, stress and even despair as they work to deploy it in their environments. Generally speaking, VoIP is much more than just another application on the network, and most organizations have never managed an application with high availability and performance requirements like those of VoIP.

The only real way to ensure lasting trouble free voice quality in an enterprise VoIP Hosted PBX deployment is through proper management of all of the devices within network path between the endpoint device (be it a handset, computer or a softphone) and a VoIP Hosted PBX service provider system.

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