Month: June 2012

Could VoIP Service Become Illegal?

The thought of a communication technology becoming illegal sounds preposterous at first, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally impossible. In fact, a serious consideration to severely limiting or outright banning VoIP service providers is already given in one country, Ethiopia, and censored or otherwise limited in a number of other nations. True, none of these countries experience the level of freedo...
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Freedom to Choose Your Voice Service Provider?

Franchising business offers a good opportunity to various levels of business expertise and investment capital. Studies show that 97% of franchise businesses are still operating after the first year, compared to only 62% of independently owned. In most agency relationships, the franchisors are the risk takers whereas the franchisees prefer to steer clear of risks. In a franchising relationship, the...
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Ways to Establish Hosted PBX Providers Credibility

Have you ever heard of the old “bring the puppy home” sales trick? If not, here’s how it goes. Say you’re cruising around with your family and you stop in a pet shop. You think you might want to get a dog for you and your kids at some point, but you’re not quite sure just yet. You look around and spot a cute little puppy that you all adore. You love the pup, your kids love the pup, all is right wi...
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Questions to Ask Hosted PBX Service Provider References

Signing up for a new VoIP Hosted PBX service is a big deal, and a decision you don’t want to make lightly. While it’s tempting to simply go with the cheapest VoIP service you can find, the best way to learn whether a hosted PBX provider is really worth hiring is to ask for references. Once you compile a list of references, you need to grill the hell out of the poor souls you call up looking for...
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Budget PBX – Yes, It’s Possible!

Why haven’t you moved your company to the hosted PBX yet? What do you mean “you’ve only had your current phone system for five years”? Did you keep your cell phone for five years? Maybe you think that VoIP technology doesn’t move as fast? It does. Well, with the hosted PBX the cool thing is that in most cases, all you need to do to stay current is buy some new handsets! The rest of it practically ...
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