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Chat Service added to Hosted PBX 3.2

Greetings, As I mentioned in my previous blog post about 3.2, one of the new features that we wanted to add to version 3.2 of the Hosted PBX was a corporate chat service. I am pleased to announce that the implementation of this service has been completed, so we will definately be bringing this new option to our customers with our next major release. If your company is already using AIM, IRC ...
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DLS Launches Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic Services

Growing Hosted PBX and Network Solutions and Services provider brings remote performance monitoring service and support to end users Press Release: Lake-in-the-Hills, IL - February 16, 2011 — DLS Internet Services, a leading provider of Hosted PBX and network consulting services, today announced the launch of CloudSmart clinic, a service for initial base lining assessment of network health and ...
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QoS: Panacea or Snake Oil ?

IT and Telecom professionals have long been infatuated with the concept commonly referred to as QoS (which stands for Quality of Service). Of course ensuring that Voice over IP meets high voice quality requirements is a key concern when it comes to designing networks. New QoS protocols: Differentiated Services (DiffServ), the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) and the once almost forgotten Resource...
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DLS Hosted PBX Presented at IAO Annual Meeting

When appearing at professional industry show or event with a service such as DLS Hosted PBX, I always try to put it in the context of this industry's business application. I'll admit, this isn't always easy. That part aside, however, there were a couple of things that I found to be worthy of exploring. First, I thought it is really interested to see how our system can really affect and interact...
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Demystifying buzzwords: Unified Communications

Isn't it amazing how often we let all of the new technologies and buzzwords intimidate us ? While it's true that your company should be embracing new ideas, the most important part of your website is probably still the "contact us" link. And the most important tool on your desk is still a phone. Bottom line, UC can transform an employee's handheld device, for example, into a universal "inbox" f...
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