Find-me / Follow-me

Find-me / Follow-me feature will make your phone system “look for you” in multiple locations by sequentially dialing different phone numbers. Once one of these numbers answers PBX will use a machine detection technology to figure out if it actually reached you or your voicemail. Not to worry though! Depending on the find me / follow me logic your phone system can be programmed to leave a voice message, send SMS, or even dial the next phone number. Understandably, most business phone systems today include find-me / follow-me as a standard feature.

Business Anywhere with Follow Me

Imagine sitting on a beach in some warm location and still being able to run your business effectively. That is the power of our "Follow Me" feature that caters to the busy professional. This is an essential tool that promotes freedom and efficiency while helping to keep you connected to your most important calls. You don’t have to be an on-the-road salesperson to rely on your smartphone to stay...
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