Business Continuity – How Good is Your Plan?

Hurricane season is the perfect time for businesses to be examining (or in some cases developing for the first time) their Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Business continuity planning is key to expediting the recovery of the business’ critical functions following disasters ranging from hurricanes and earthquakes to infiltration of malware into key systems thus ensuring downtime and monetary loss is minimized. The plan should be live, dynamic and ever-evolving as new threats continue to present themselves. With ever-more complex systems and technologies being implemented into companies as scaling necessitates complex telephony and network solutions for businesses, it’s difficult to keep plans up-to-date and ready to be put into action at a moments’ notice.

Is Your Business Prepared?

DLS data backup and recovery

It is human nature to ignore the potential for something to go wrong, especially when you have never experienced it firsthand. However, a false sense of security can and does effect livelihoods. When a disaster strikes, few truly expect to realize incredible loss and inevitable regret from not having prepared well. Your Investment Your business … Read more