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Is Telephony Dying? Depends on How You Look at It (Pt 2)

The reasons behind the drop in the telephony market are made clear in a statement tucked away in Infonetics’ report, which says: “In the first quarter of 2013, enterprise PBX spending dropped to its lowest point since mid-2009. The big squeeze is coming from hyper-competitive price pressure all over, with average revenue per line down across the board. But conservative spending by businesses is e...
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Is Telephony Dying? Depends on How You Look at It (Pt 1)

We hear it all the time- telephony is dead or, at the least, dying. Not long for the world. On its way out. It’s a story that people like to tell, but like most stories there isn’t much truth to it, and the truth that lies in this statement has been heavily distorted, misrepresented, and viewed through the wrong lens. The most recent news of telephony’s untimely demise comes from a report release...
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Gartner Predicts BYOD Boom by 2018

In a recent report, research organization Gartner predicted that 70% of professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices by 2018. To translate- Gartner effectively predicted that 70% of employees will be working on their own smartphones or tablets by 2018, a concept generally referred to as BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. If BYOD plays out as Gartner predicts than this will be a hu...
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