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PBX can make or break your business image

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Announcing DLS Hosted PBX 5.6

DLS is pleased to announce the DLS Hosted PBX 5.6, which will begin rolling out to production PBX systems this month. The new release brings many exciting new features.

Introducing DLS Hosted PBX 5.6

Because of the number of features and some of the recent regulatory changes, this release cycle took longer than initially anticipated by our developers. We appreciate your patience and hope that the changes were worth the wait.

This message contains a summary of new features designed to make your communications experience better. We highly encourage you to reference and subscribe to our Release Notes and Blog for more information on our latest enhancements.

What’s new in the DLS Hosted PBX 5.6

  1. SalesForce™ integration:

    • Integration with the SalesForce™ lightning interface.
    • Click-to-Dial from the SalesForce™.
    • Take notes for incoming/outgoing calls.
    • Associate identified incoming calls with accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities.
    • Create new contacts in salesforce and PBX, accounts, leads, and opportunities from unknown incoming calls.
    • Display PBX call history for contacts in the SalesForce™.
    • Access and playback of recorded phone calls from the SalesForce™.
  2. An updated version of the license-free Desktop Communicator – a browser-independent desktop softphone with new features:

    • Updated User Interface.
    • Support for up to 5 concurrent calls.
    • SMS messaging.
    • Call control features:

      • Attended and Unattended Transfers
      • Call Forward
      • Do Not Disturb
      • Mute
      • Call Hold
      • 3-way calls
      • PBX contacts lookup and management
      • Call History with Access to Recordings
      • Voicemail Indicator
      • Popup notification for incoming calls
      • Presence and Feature codes via BLF assignment.
  3. New Enhanced PBX User Contact Directory compliant with RFC-6350 (vCard format)

    • Contact details enhanced with: Name, Phone Numbers and Types, Occupation, Company/Organization, Department, Address, Email, Website URL, Contact Notes
    • Import and export single or multiple contacts as vCards from Microsoft Outlook or other mail clients
  4. Security Enhancements:

    • Users are required to re-login on password change
    • PBX administrator can force a single user to sever all sessions (logout) from the PBX.
    • Password recovery via email
    • PBX panels no longer require separate sign in
  5. Bulk Device Provisioning Support

    • Multiple endpoint devices (handsets or ATAs) can now be provisioned as a batch.
    • Two bulk provisioning methods via a web form and a CSV import.
  6. Independent BLF for mirrored extensions: Since primary and mirrored extensions can be associated with different device types, it is now possible to program keys for a mirrored extension based on its associated device type.

  7. DLS Meeting Room Video Conferencing Enhancements

    • Improved DLS Meeting Room Outlook plugin
    • DLS meeting room video effects: blurred background and faces.
    • Boardroom meetings can now host up to 30 active video participants.
    • YouTube player allows the presenter to show videos to the audience.
    • Every user on the PBX now requires a unique Meeting Room email profile.
    • Users can now access the DLS Meeting Room profile and calendar.
    • A meeting organizer can activate the “Follow Me” feature during a meeting. Once enabled, participants are permanently moved to the currently visible tab of the meeting organizer. This feature is helpful in Webinars and when the moderator wants more control over what the users see.
    • We have improved the smartphone and tablet compatibility of the meetings.
    • Meetings now offer an audio recording option.
    • It is now possible to set additional “scheduled meeting settings” directly from Outlook
    • Schedule instant meetings from the RocketChat by simply typing “letsmeet” in your chatroom.
  8. Queue callback: a feature that will save your callers time and aggravation of holding in the queue by keeping their queue position and then calling them back when an agent becomes available.

  9. SMS blacklisting and management: when a reply to an SMS message is received with a keyword (such as STOP), the PBX will automatically add the responder’s phone number to the list of numbers the originator can no longer send SMS.

  10. DLS Hosted PBX 5.6 has adopted a STIR/SHAKEN framework to combat spoofed robocalls with the caller-id authentication and is now compliant with the FCC order.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our technical support or sales. We are fully committed to the continuous improvement of the DLS Hosted PBX experience and look forward to your feedback!

Wishing you a Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day from All of us at DLS

So blessed to be here today. Blessed to have a right to speak and to be heard. A right no one can take away from me. Let’s raise our glasses to the future full of understanding, appreciation, and gratitude.

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