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HP Dropped Their IP PBX

Before HP purchased 3Com they didn’t have any entry into the IP PBX market and that was an intentional decision. By the time HP made its purchase 3Com’s IP PBX division had already found itself severely beaten down by Cisco and the industry’s other bruisers. If HP wanted to be a serious contender in the digital telephony market it would have had to construct a new channel for selling digital telephony, practically from scratch, to funnel 3Com’s IP PBX products through.

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Grandstream 3140 - High Definition Multimedia Video Phone
Business VoIP
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Hosted PBX 4.0 Rolls Out to Customers

DLS Hosted PBX is a Unified Communications platform intended for users that are looking for versatile telephony features in single-vendor business phone service and network solutions provider. DLS Hosted PBX VoIP services are delivered over the Internet, VPN or private connection.

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Hosted PBX 4.0 moves to Beta

Release notes for DLS Hosted PBX  4.0a ( beta ) Feature Enhancements: Inbound call security enhancements. Switch Music on Hold format to wave for native playback. Attempt to convert uploaded Music on Hold and recordings to the correct format. Background images for Polycom 450, 550, 560, 650 , 670, and VVX1500 handsets. Supplied a link

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Voice Recognition for Hosted PBX

Every Year our development team establishes new goals aimed to improve our VoIP Service. For the DLS Hosted PBX this means a resolution to add a significant new feature. In 2012 we are looking to bring you a set of features which will allow you to control your phone system functions using your voice. We

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Holiday Greetings from DLS Internet Services

   To our Valued Customer: YOU are the real reason why we at DLS Internet are celebrating this Holiday Season. Thank you so much for letting us support your communications needs. We know that reliable network connectivity, feature rich VoIP Hosted PBX and other technology services we provide are important to your business. We couldn’t

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DLS Announces Hosted PBX Development Roadmap

Among other features the roadmap reveals future plans for integration with Microsoft Office, Skype, addition of Web Conferencing, desktop sharing and support for latest handsets from Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream and SNOM. It contains changes to service features, explains naming guidelines and a release timeline for DLS Hosted PBX service releases.

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Hosted PBX 3.2 moving into Alpha testing next week

We are excited to be wrapping up feature development for 3.2. There is still a lot of testing and work to be done before this version makes it to public release, but there are a lot of exciting new features in here. Display parking lot number on call status page Improved Parking Lot system Integrated

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Chat Service added to Hosted PBX 3.2

Greetings, As I mentioned in my previous blog post about 3.2, one of the new features that we wanted to add to version 3.2 of the Hosted PBX was a corporate chat service. I am pleased to announce that the implementation of this service has been completed, so we will definately be bringing this new

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DLS Launches Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic Services

Growing Hosted PBX and Network Solutions and Services provider brings remote performance monitoring service and support to end users Press Release: Lake-in-the-Hills, IL – February 16, 2011 — DLS Internet Services, a leading provider of Hosted PBX and network consulting services, today announced the launch of CloudSmart clinic, a service for initial base lining assessment

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Hosted PBX 3.2 under development

Greetings, DLS Hosted PBX users!  We have so many features that we just can’t wait to add to the PBX.  Version 3.2 is currently under development and I will be able to keep everyone up to date with our progress on this blog. Here are some of the new features already completed: Display parking slot

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