Yealink EXP-39

The Yealink EXP39 LCD Expansion Module increases the customizability and power of the SIP-T26P and SIP-T28P phones. Providing a large 160×320 LCD screen and twenty dual-color LED keys built into the hardware, the module improves operating your phone by demonstrating, at all times, which functions are currently being utilized. Using a page switch users can add twenty more keys to the device, resulting in a total of a huge forty programmable keys, each of which supports functions including BLF/BLA, call forwarding, call transfers, call holding, call parking and pickup and returning to calls, as well as speed dialing and intercom functions. If necessary, users can daisy-chain up to six EXP39 units to each other making this module perfect for telephone-oriented professionals who manage a high volume of simultaneous calls daily.

Buy: $199.99
Lease: $8.00


  • Rich visual experience with 160×320 graphic LCD
  • 20 physical keys each with a dual-color LED
  • 20 additional keys through page switch
  • Daisy-chain 6 modules up to 120 keys
  • Supports BLF/BLA, speed dialing, call pickup, etc.



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