DLS employee arms cross in server roomBefore engaging a consultant you need to understand and be comfortable with their philosophy and approach. At DLS, our goal is to become your trusted technology and business partner. Throughout your relationship with us, we contribute measurable value and help you make the most of your technology investment.Many technology consultants also act as vendors to their clients. They both recommend and sell hardware and software. At DLS we believe that ethical technology consulting should be free of any conflicts of interests. We believe that it is wrong for a vendor/consultant to become the “trusted adviser” to an organization, and then use that trust to sell a whole slew of goods and services that have been designed to generate profits. We stand to protect our customers interests by offering unbiased approach to technology solution and firmly believe that a consultant who is vendor- and manufacturer-neutral is likely to play a more integral role in achieving your long-term goals.



  1. Business Process Audit
  2. Documentation of existing systems
    and processes
  3. Identification of Pain Points


  1. Customer Requirements Research
    and Vision Initiative
  2. Development of Value Proposition
  3. Solution Modeling and Network Analysis
  4. Compliance Analysis


  1. Requirements Planning
  2. Network Design and Engineering
  3. Hardware, Software and
    Systems Planning
  4. Development and Maintenance of Project Schedule and Budget


  1. Project Management and Administration
  2. Development and Bid Administration
  3. Procurement
  4. Lab Modeling
  5. Scheduling and Deployment
  6. Demonstration and Acceptance Testing