Network Services

Network Operations Outsourcing

Network Operations Outsourcing

Outsourced network management offers long-term high quality deployment and management of the network as well as significantly saves operational costs, while offering highly skilled resources. Using this service from DLS, customers can instantly gain expertise flexibility and better focus on core business. DLS’ wide geographical presence in Metropolitan Chicago allows us to provide on-site service for our clients who’s network infrastructure we manage. DLS’ call center is a true 24-7 facility that offers instant technical response

Network Design and Implementation

Network Design and Implementation

Designing and implementing a modern network with wired and wireless infrastructure could be a daunting task. A networking infrastructure involves a number of hardware components including wiring, connectors, racks, network interface cards, client and server workstations, and communications devices such as repeaters, bridges, shared and switched hubs, and routers. It also includes software such as network card drivers, communications protocols, network operating systems and network application tools.

Our experience in telecommunications, including widely scalable wireless, and wired networks, allows our customers to obtain an optimal network setup that grows with your business.

Among other services we offer:

    • Local and Wide Area Network infrastructure design using wire line and wireless technologies
    • Capacity Planning & Optimization
    • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuance
    • DNS Infrastructure Architecture
    • Firewall Design & Implementation
    • IP Address Change, Design & Implementation
    • Microsoft – Windows Server -Active Directory Design and Implementation
    • Network Performance Assessment and Optimization
    • Network Design & Implementation Virtual Private Network (VPN) Design
    • Application Performance and Stress Analysis


DLS Internet Leverages over 8 years of expertise in building fixed wireless broadband infrastructure involving Line-of-Sight, Near-Line-of-Sight and Non-Line-of-Sight solutions. DLS NSS team can implement variety of campus and Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) solutions utilizing licensed and unlicensed fixed wireless broadband equipment from a variety of vendors utilizing FHSS, DSS, OFDM and/or WiMAX technologoes. We offer:

    • Full End-to-End campus network design and implementation
    • Turnkey Link Provisioning and Installation
    • RF consultation and link prequalification
    • Spectrum Analysis
    • Frequency Conflict mitigation
    • Link budget calculations
Network Troubleshooting

Network Troubleshooting

If you have slow or intermittent network access to your major server or Internet, NSS team can quickly identify the problem and provide a solution. Our engineers and technicians are available day and night around your schedule. NSS team utilizes the next generation of advanced network performance management tools that provide end-to-end visibility of your network.

Network Security Analysis

Network Security Analysis

Today’s technology allows instant commuwnication with partners across the country and abroad. Our network security experts will make sure that transactions are not compromised and confidential information stays so. With this in mind, we offer a better preparedness for tomorrow’s threats. We will improve your organization’s IT compliance stance in order to meet regulatory requirements for PCI, HIPAA, SOX404, and SAS70 compliance

Network Performance Assessment

Network Performance Assessment

It is critical to test and assess your network prior to making infrastructure changes or rolling out new applications. Projects like integrating company networks due to M&A activity, transitioning to an MPLS network, or deploying new applications like VoIP involve operational risks for your company. Knowing in advance how changes will impact performance gives you the information you need to greatly reduce risks and ensure successful deployment. While having an amazing network, our clients are able to leverage our expertise for assessing growth potential. We offer network performance analysis and network documentation using the industry’s best tools and trained personnel. NSS team can:

    • Test your network for distributed applications
    • Automatically identify which network paths will perform well with changes and which will not
    • Compare pre- and post-change performance
Managed Colocation Services

Managed Colocation Services

Have a need for hosted or collocated servers, but don’t have human resources to manage or troubleshoot? We are able to immediately dispatch our engineers to the hosted locations throughout Metropolitan Chicago. DLS offers managed co-location services for enterprise clients who prefer to own their own equipment, but still want the same operational benefits that DLS’ managed services provide.


Clients choose managed co-location for a variety of reasons, including the preference of capitalizing their equipment purchases, leveraging existing investments in owned equipment, or to meet application requirements not currently satisfied by products currently available under DLS’ services.


DLS’ NSS team will operate customers equipment at any of the best-of-breed facilities such as Equinix and CoreSite, so its clients can sleep at night knowing that their physical infrastructure is safe and secure with full power, network, and cooling redundancy.


With managed co-location, DLS’ clients still receive access to the same industry-leading bench of engineering expertise, ranging from VMware certified engineers, to Certified Cisco Network Professionals, Enterprise MySQL, and MS SQL DBAs, to Senior certified Linux and Windows staff. DLS’ NSS team also serves as 24×7 remote hands to support client-owned hardware.


With managed co-location and DLS’ core services, clients can leverage DLS’ staff as a true extension of their IT operations, with pre-defined response procedures to allow clients to make the most efficient use of IT resources possible. Clients can focus on their core competencies, leaving the infrastructure responsibilities to DLS. Please contact a solutions specialist today at (847) 854-4799 to see if DLS; Managed Co-location is the right choice for your business.