DLS Network Solutions and Services Team (NSS) is an organization charged with providing I.T. consulting services to our customer base. Focused on premium customers, NSS provides complex design, implementation, performance and optimization services to our client’s networks. Our engineers are accustomed to operating in a fast paced, high impact environment where they directly contribute to the success of our customers by deploying and utilizing the latest networking technologies.NSS Engineers possess hands-on experience with a variety of real world customer networks and are continuously challenged to expand their knowledge and ability to apply it to our customer’s I.T. infrastructure.Much of DLS’s NSS Consulting Expertise is built on 15 years of operating a regional Internet Service Provider network built to deliver business and residential access services. Since 1995 the company has been expanding the ever changing footprint of its production network to deliver services over T-1, T-3, aDSL, Fixed Wireless, Giga-MAN and Opt-E-MAN mediums. DLS operates two regional Data Centers in the Chicago Metropolitan area. For over 10 years DLS co-location network provides customers with reliability and performance needed to keep their infrastructure connected using technologies from Cisco Systems and HP. Our network presently employs routing protocols, VPNs, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, UCE and virus filtering systems, highly available email and database servers built on SAN and Virtualization technologies.

DLS has over ten years of experience in design and operations of public and private fixed wireless networks. Its largest network covers part of Northwestern Chicago Land along Fox River Valley utilizing RF equipment collocated on 26 towers – all professionally deployed by the DLS Installations Team. Our installation and engineering teams possess extensive experience in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint RF broadband field using both licensed and license free equipment. From basic wireless engineering to frequency mitigation to spectrum analysis or campus wireless network design – you can count on sound business solutions backed by our experience in RF/Network engineering.