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What is Business Telephony?

The goal of telephony is to allow people to communicate clearly and efficiently over a distance. After all, tele is Greek for “distance” while the phone is rooted in another Greek word meaning “voice”. Over time, the technology used to achieve this goal gradually advanced. What started as individual phones quickly evolved into a network of public and private switchboards which would manually route calls.

The days of manual switchboards are long gone. Their distant descendants: switches and branch exchanges use computers and the Internet to route calls. Most Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) used by the business are hosted by various telephone service providers “in the cloud”.

Businesses have no equipment to maintain other than their desk phones with such hosted PBX service. These services are operated remotely at a meager cost. This is where DLS Hosted PBX comes in, and it can make a significant difference in your business.

Remotely Hosted PBX Systems

Remotely hosted PBX systems allow mobile workers to function as a part of the company. While they are away, your callers are none the wiser, making the company easier to manage. This has allowed large companies to perform sales, customer care, and more without the expense of a large call center. A remote system can enable small business members to work wherever needed. So, the business can still function as if they were gathered in one place.

Your business is based on exchanging ideas, so the more workers communicate within your company, the better. DLS can offer you one of the best VoIP hosted PBX systems or services. This kind is used by numerous industries, including education, legal offices, government, real estate, travel, and more.

Business Telephony Solution from DLS Internet Services

The independence of a hosted PBX system is ideal for companies with many branches, mobile workers, or those in need of disaster tolerance. VoIP SIP handsets allow easy management with little training from whatever distance you may be. We include many of our advanced features in all phone systems, regardless of the pricing plan. With our flat economic rates, you can cut phone bills and save time and money. Thanks to our hosted PBX systems’ high-tech VoIP features, you can save money and get the best results. You can build your company without investing in hardware, software, and maintenance. And you never need to be concerned about your system becoming outdated. We include all upgrades and new standard features in our business telephony solution.


Easily managed, low-cost services help your business thrive with confidence. You can focus on what your company does best while we take care of the rest.


DLS Hosted PBX’s features include Auto Attendant, Automatic Call Queuing, SMS, Video and Voice Calls, and much more!

How does DLS calculate the 95th percentile?


Our service works with more SIP handsets than most business VoIP providers.

Hosted PBX FAQs

A hosted PBX is a remote telephone switch that serves the function of a cloud-based phone system. It is hosted off-site and accessed over the Internet. Since hosted PBX does not run at the base location of your business, it is cheaper and easier to maintain. A hosted PBX is also sometimes called a “Virtual PBX” or a “Cloud PBX”.

A single hosted PBX can serve multiple businesses. It organizes groups of user extensions, auto attendants, phone numbers, messaging, and other features into PBX tenants. These features allow the company to accept calls even when all workers are busy or otherwise unavailable. You can use text-to-speech in a voice menu that will direct your customers. Or you can record each menu greeting yourself to make it sound more human. PBX lets you place calls on hold, record them, or send them to someone else. You can even compile a report of missed calls meant for a specific person to be returned.

A hosted PBX service rests on the service provider, a VoIP phone, and the Internet. Once set up, your phones will link up with the hosted PBX via the Internet, and your connection must always stay on to make and receive calls.

First, you connect to your hosted PBX service provider. Your service provider will connect to the Internet and then, using that connection, link your VoIP phones together as a company. Your service provider deals with all the complex, complicated work, including upkeep of the hardware and bug fixes. Meanwhile, your primary concern is to look after your business. After your PBX is set up, you can tie extensions to your business phone number(s). With the softphones, you and your customers can take them where they need to go with ease.

A hosted PBX has several advantages for a small business, including:

  • Ease of use – Offers simple management and organization
  • Capacity Management – Businesses can add or remove extensions as needed
  • Good Looks – The professional phone system allows even a small business to create the impression of a large company, which naturally inclines customers to trust you more
  • Flexibility – It can allow employees to connect with the office phone system from virtually any place
  • Cost Savings – Using a hosted PBX cuts the cost of setting up a phone system as well as any maintenance since they do not need to configure the hardware themselves
  • Full of Features – combining fax-to-email, SMS, MMS, Chat, Call Recording, Web Conferencing, and more in one Hosted PBX service
  • Reliability – Capable in any situation with plenty of fail-safes and backups

Hosted PBX Systems are not installed on company grounds. The host maintains the system. A hosted PBX service allows a business using it to enjoy advanced VoIP features. They do not need to pay large sums of money for setting up and maintaining it. On the other hand, a traditional PBX needs to be kept on-site and upgraded or repaired from time to time. It may not use the Internet to help manage your configuration and business phone numbers. Traditional phone system typically only has basic calling features. Unless you know how to manage hardware and maintain a PBX of your own, a hosted PBX is a better way to go.

DLS Internet Services is a small company, and we know how to meet your business communications needs. We have an insider understanding of the small business, what it takes to run one, and how to seem more prominent and more trustworthy. Your success is our business, so we work as hard as possible to help you stay engaged.

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