Hosted PBX

What is Hosted PBX?

DLS Hosted PBX is an advanced, feature rich business communication service known for its extensive capabilities and price-performance. Service encompasses features suitable for Call Center, Service and Retail Industries allowing broad integration options with existing CRM, scheduling and other business applications. DLS partners with industry leading equipment providers such as Polycom, Aastra, Grandstream and Cisco to provide high quality, scalable IP phone equipment.

Hosted PBX phones are easier to use and to install, and are affordable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From a one person at-home business that wants the appearance of being larger and more prosperous to the corporation that wants to make the most of its resources, a VoIP based hosted PBX system is a great option for every business type.

Streamline Your Communication with Our Business VoIP Systems

If your company relies on communications, hosted PBX can implement more effective telecommunication and improve your bottom line. Voice over IP allows your telecommuters’ homes or remote offices to function in the same environment as your company’s headquarters, making your business more flexible. Companies based in industries such as financial, legal, travel, real estate, government, and educational organizations can all benefit from DLS Hosted PBX.