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How do you Find The Best IP Hosted PBX?

As you look for company, that offers Unified Communications solution that meets your business needs today and tomorrow. That means a phone system that employs the next generation technology. DLS hosted PBX offers latest VoIP features at a priced to not only win but also keep your business. Naturally, a VoIP-based IP Hosted PBX supports your business needs. Whether you need:
  • roaming users;
  • virtual offices;
  • access to voicemail through web or email;
  • adjustable ACD queues;
  • unlimited number of auto attendants
are among many features you expect from your phone system. All without the hassle of owning and maintaining PBX hardware! Choose from a variety of high-tech SIP phones and experience the freedom of the DLS Hosted PBX. Your PBX must be reliable, affordable, capable and save money on calls

About DLS and its Hosted PBX

DLS is a provider of VoIP solutions. Since 2002 we have successfully provided small and medium sized companies with high-speed Internet and VoIP options. Today our core competencies are in network security, data centers and IP telephony. The geographic freedom of VoIP technology makes our hosted system a perfect fit for any business. Therefore it is ideal for companies with telecommuters, multiple locations and disaster tolerance requirements.

Indeed, DLS hosted PBX telephone system allows easy management from distant locations along with simple and straightforward administration. Of course, with the many standard features, lower phone bills and operating costs we feel that it may just be the best IP Hosted PBX option for your business. We offer low cost of entry into modern Unified Communications space. All without the need to worry about running it becoming outdated. Continuous upgrades and most new features come off our development conveyor, often free to existing customers.

Three Good Reasons to Choose DLS Internet Services

  1. DLS offers more high-speed Internet access options than Comcast or AT&T alone

  2. Stay ahead of competition with the best hosted pbx phone system for small business. Get free calls nationwide, Voice, Video, Fax, Messaging, SMS and Web Meeting

  3. Work with a company that understands the needs of small business

What Makes The Best Hosted PBX ?


Easy management and predictable low cost telephony allows your business to focus on its core competencies with confidence


The industry's most advanced features such as Auto Attendant, Automatic Call Queuing, and more Standard!

How does DLS calculate the 95th percentile?


More SIP handsets than most business VoIP providers in the Industry Dedicated system hardware platform ensures resource allocation for each client leading to outstanding service performance in the most demanding calling environments

Best IP Hosted PBX FAQ

A Hosted PBX is a private branch exchange that is delivered to the user as a hosted service. It is also called a Virtual PBX because it removes the need for any installation, operation, and maintenance costs. The VoIP service provider hosts the users’ PBX for them.

A Hosted PBX service effectively acts as a trusted source for your business’ phone infrastructure. It replaces the need for individual phone extensions with VoIP desk phones and/or software phones (softphones), allowing the business to communicate using the Internet service, instead of traditional copper wire lines.

A Hosted PBX offers several distinct advantages to a small business including:

  • Ease of use – Offers simple end-user management
  • Scalability – Businesses can add or remove extensions as they need
  • Boost Corporate Image – The professional phone system allows even a small business to create the impression of a large business
  • Eliminate Boundaries – It can allow employees to connect with the virtual office phone system from anywhere
  • Cost Savings – Using a Hosted PBX saves businesses the cost of setting up a phone system as well as any maintenance since they don’t need to install the infrastructure themselves
  • Access to Unified Communications features – combining fax-to-email, SMS, MMS, Chat, Call Recording, Web Conferencing among many others in one hosted PBX service

The traditional PBX is a phone line-based private branch exchange that routes callers from one department to another. It is a costly setup that is designed to use older telephony technology and typically lacks the latest “Unified Communications” features. 

Hosted PBX systems are not installed on company premises. The service provider handles the infrastructure from the point of building it to maintaining it. A hosted PBX service allows a business using its service to enjoy advanced VoIP features from the latest PBX systems, without incurring costs of setting up the system or for maintaining it.