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If your company depends on communication, hosted PBX can make your business more effective and improve your net income. If you have telecommuters or remote offices, VoIP and PBX can allow their individual locations to function as a part of your business anywhere. This flexibility in networking is a great option for companies in industries such as financial and legal offices, travel and real-estate agencies, government networks and educational organizations. Everyone can profit from a Hosted PBX. 

DLS Ranks High Among Top VoIP Business Telephony Providers.

Our Hosted PBX is a cloud-based Unified Communication service developed for general business operations and call centers. The service is positioned to offer maximum price-performance benefit in a maturing hosted business VoIP marketplace. Our development objective is to keep DLS Hosted PBX Feature Rich, Integrated with common business applications, Adaptable through application integration capabilities, Cost Effective to both: end users and Value Added Resellers and Evolutionary.