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Business Phone Service

Empower your business with the latest unified communications features and the geographic independence offered by a hosted Internet phone system.

Web Conferencing

Modern day business environment demands collaboration over great distances with real-time voice and video. DLS Meeting Room meets these demands by allowing users to share screens, documents, whiteboard and meeting notes.

Internet Access

DLS offers secure high-speed broadband access to the Internet over fiber-optic, copper or coaxial medium by balancing cost and service levels.

Hosted NAS

High-end performance for businesses that require an efficient way to centralize data, simplify data management and rapidly scale storage.

Network Consulting

Todays network technology allows for advanced communication options across the country and abroad. Our network consultants make sure your connections are fast, reliable and ensure your confidential data stays that way.

Datacenter Colocation

DLS data centers offer the perfect environment for your IT infrastructure; from a single server, to an entire network.

Communicate Better

In today’s fast-paced business environment business meetings happen on a moments notice. Your employees need tools that will allow them to communicate with whomever they need, whenever then need and however they need.


An Internet phone works like a regular landline phone but it is connected over the Internet via the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. The VoIP system, in turn, is connected to the Internet and to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and it transmits the data to another phone connected to a VoIP system or to the phone connected to PSTN  anywhere in the world.

Internet phone service (also computer phone service or VoIP service) is a telephone service that allows you to place  and receive voice and video phone calls through the Internet. 

The best phone system for your business is probably the with the following characteristics: 

  1. Is reliable.
  2. Has flexibility to let you from within or outside your office whenever needed.
  3. Helps facilitate efficient communications with your customers by providing access to
    1. SMS
    2. Chat
    3. Voicemail
  4. Integrates with your business software.
  5. Provides analytical information your business needs to continually improve its communications, both with customers and internally.
  6. Allows you to see the value for the money you spend and scales up and/or down with your business.
  7. Uses equipment that does not lock you in proprietary hardware.
  8. Provides and supports a competitive edge for your business.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs), do not technically “get internet” from anywhere. ISPs are a part of a chain where they buy their bandwidth capacity that lets them offer you an internet connection.

Tier 1 carriers are at the top. They do not need to buy bandwidth from anyone because they operate the coast-to-coast fiber or cable wherever you connect to the internet from.

Tier 2 carriers operate in particular regions. They buy bandwidth capacity from Tier 1 carriers and have big fibers and routers that physically connect to each other.

Individual Tier 3 carriers, or the “last mile” carriers, are your ISPs. They buy bandwidth from Tier 2 carriers, and you buy your bandwidth capacity from them to access the internet.

Yes. By having your voice service provider supply you with an Internet connection to your business location(s) you reduce the time it takes for voice to travel between your phone and your voice provider’s system. This ensures good call quality and reduces the number of factors that could adversely impact the reliability of your voice service.

If you have a VoIP system in place, you can connect your home IP phone to a DSL or cable router similar to how you connect it to a regular landline outlet either wirelessly or through a network cable. Your phone is not really a phone – it is a computer that looks like a phone.

Phone and Internet Services for business are core services offered by the DLS. We have been offering commercial VoIP phone service since 2004. 

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