How does DLS bill based on the 95th percentile?


DLS Hosted PBX business VoIP service allows easy management of business even from distant locations. Managing your hosted PBX is simple with only a few hours of training.


Cut down your phone bills: save time and increase profit with simple Economic Rates without the maintenance costs of an added infrastructure. You can expand your business without making an expensive investment. The high-tech features of the cost-effective hosted VoIP phone service ensure delivery of every call and message even during the busiest hours.


Most features are included as standard with the service regardless of the pricing plan chosen.

Geographically Independent

Geographic mobility makes the service ideal for businesses with multiple locations, telecommuters, or disaster recovery.

Always New

There is no need to worry about the system becoming outdated – system upgrades and new standard features are added at no cost to you. Lease new handsets with every contract renewal.