What are the benefits of using DLS Hosted PBX?

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  1. DLS Hosted PBX simplified management of telephone services and multiple on-premise phone systems by providing a single centralized phone service/system for all business locations
  2. DLS Hosted PBX has more features than most high end enterprise telephone systems yet it is easy to manage
  3. DLS Hosted PBX reduces the costs of telecommunications by:
    • lowering entry cost
    • providing simple and competitive calling plans
    • eliminating PBX hardware and maintenance and support contracts associated with it
    • reducing wiring costs by eliminating the need for dedicated phone wiring
  4. DLS Hosted PBX constantly evolves and receives new software upgrades every 6 months with most new features added at no additional charge
  5. With the DLS Hosted PBX services employees enjoy a real time collaborative platform that gives them seamless connectivity and smooth communication. Calls can be made and received anywhere reducing the constraints on workers. Employees can access functionalities from anywhere.